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When we say the word ‘cryptocurrency’, most people will immediately think of Bitcoin, however, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency gaining momentum with online casino sites. There are many others that are starting to gain ground and satisfy players demand for this new digital currency, including Dogecoin.

Discover more information about this fun addition to the crypto world, check out the advantages of using this form of cryptocurrency, see where it’s accepted and how to open an account for easy, safe and secure online transactions.

Dogecoin background

First came Bitcoin, this forked off to produce Litecoin and in 2013, software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer then forked off Litecoin to create Dogecoin (DOGE). Markus and Palmer invented the fun and lighthearted ‘joke’ coin as a parody to the doge meme featuring the infamous Shiba Inu dog, as the logo.

Dogecoin’s primary focus was to provide a peer-to-peer, decentralized digital currency for its community to use as a fun way for purchasing goods and services online. Although very similar to Bitcoin, there are a couple of clear differences.

Dogecoin can be mined at a much quicker rate than Bitcoin due to its utilization of Scrypt technology as opposed to Bitcoin’s SHA-256 encryption technology. Dogecoin allows for an unlimited number of coins, so miners can potentially create an infinite number of Dogecoins.

Mining refers to processing transactions and maintaining the public ledger that tracks payments. Miners are rewarded with newly created crypto coins. Not beholden to government or central bank regulations, the decentralized digital currency is regulated by a network of computers known as the Blockchain.

While Dogecoin was originally created as a bit of a joke, it has proven to be the complete opposite. It is favored as one of the most popular cryptocurrency payment methods to date. Its popularity even stretches to an endorsement from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has tweeted a variety of memes in relation to Dogecoin.

How to use Dogecoin at an online casino

Signing up at an online casino that accepts Dogecoin is just the same as if you were registering to deposit any other crypto or traditional currency. Confirm that the online casino accepts DOGE. Once you’ve registered with your chosen site, visit the cashier and choose Dogecoin as your preferred payment method, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Prior to registering with a reputable Dogecoin online casino, you will need to open an account and purchase some Dogecoins in preparation for making a deposit into your casino account. As with Bitcoin, this can be done at a reputable exchange such as Coinbase, Gemini or Kraken. However, it’s important to note that not every exchange supports fiat deposits, some only allow crypto-to-crypto transactions.

The Dogecoin wallet can be hosted by the exchange (custodial) or the individual (non-custodial). If choosing the non-custodial route, individuals are solely responsible for safeguarding their password, often referred to as the ‘private key’. Should you misplace the private key, you will lose the Dogecoin in that wallet forever.

Here is a helpful step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – How to open a Dogecoin wallet

We would recommend a ‘hosted’ wallet for online gambling as it is easy to open and ideal for your needs. Visit your chosen exchange, click sign-up and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.

Step 2 – Activating your account

Click on the verification link which is sent to your email address to activate your account. Click ‘next’ to complete the two-factor authentication by verifying the link sent by text to your mobile phone.

Step 3 – Payment method registration

You will also be required to provide a government-issued photo ID such as a passport or driving license, which will be used to confirm your legal name, date of birth and address.

Step 4 – How to buy Dogecoin

Dogecoins can be purchased through an exchange using a debit/credit card (3% fee) or bank transfer. Simply visit the exchange, select DOGE, enter the amount you require and click ‘Buy’.

Step 5 – Connect your gaming account to your Dogecoin wallet

Visit the Cashier at your chosen Dogecoin casino and select DOGE as your preferred method of payment. You will need to copy the wallet address provided by the casino (random numbers and letters), paste it into your Dogecoin wallet and confirm the transfer. It is very important that you check the address carefully to ensure the cryptocurrency is sent to the correct address.

What we like about Dogecoin when betting online

Reliable and safe to make online deposits, transparency through the Blockchain
Exclusive crypto bonuses and promotions, often higher than those provided to fiat users
Flexible minimum and maximum deposit thresholds
Faster withdrawals in comparison to other cryptocurrencies
Lower transaction fees in comparison to other payment methods

Where you can bet using Dogecoin

Dogecoin may feel like the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to available online casino sites, yet its popularity is beginning to grow. We are finding more online casinos offering Dogecoin slots and table games than ever before. Its popularity in the investment market has soared and within the online gambling scene it is well on its way to becoming the number one preferred cryptocurrency payment method.

Players will find very few Dogecoin-exclusive casinos however, they are more likely to find either Bitcoin casinos accepting other cryptocurrencies or mainstream online casino sites which will accept Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Reasons for the scarcity tend to stem from casino operators waiting to see how popular Dogecoin becomes or the uncertainty surrounding its volatility in value.

Cryptocurrency is making its way through the online gambling quarter, gaining popularity with many operators and players. Before too long, Dogecoin will have carved out its niche among poker sites, sportsbooks and esports venues. For now, it will be happy with its acceptance among many of the top online casinos which are already welcoming cryptocurrency users.

Betting with Dogecoin – Summary

Dogecoin may not be as popular as Bitcoin when it comes to online gambling, however, with the increasing demand from the player market, this is changing. We are seeing more online sites starting to accept cryptocurrency as the new on-trend payment method. As the price of Dogecoin continues to stabilize itself within the market, we expect to see more doors continue to open.


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In addition to a valid license, online casinos must be independently regulated. This is often done by the licensing board in question. Outside regulation ensures that important rules designed to protect players are followed without personal interests in the casino in question overruling them.

Finally, we believe that casinos must be securely designed in order to perfect the player experience. Users should be able to visit their favorite online casino without worrying about the safety of their personal data, so we look for elements such as valid SSL encryption when rating providers.

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With new coins appearing on the market almost daily, it can be hard to keep track of which crypto casinos accept which currencies. Which is why we make it clear in our reviews of our fellow crypto-gaming sites.


While there are many reasons why people visit our website, there are two primary factors. First, players new and experienced alike are searching for a reputable operator for their online casino needs. Our own well-respected casino is committed to creating an unforgettable player experience for our users! This is not the only reason why we have received attention, however, as our casino reviews have proven to be a popular draw.


The team at VIP Coin wants each of our readers to find the perfect home with the online casino features that best fit their needs. We do this by carefully researching every casino we review. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about where to spend your money. Whether you stick with us or decide to branch out with another provider, you deserve to have an exceptional online experience.

For transparency’s sake, we have put together some of the most important elements we consider when reviewing websites. From trustworthiness to game selection and everything in between, this page will outline the things we weigh when directing readers to or away from an operator.

  • Here is the information we consider:


    Licensing body

    The casinos we review should be licensed by a well-respected authority in the industry. This often includes the Malta Gaming Authority, but there are other legitimate regulatory bodies around the world, such as the British Gambling Commission and the Curaçao Gaming Control Board.

    Outside regulation

    In addition to a valid license, online casinos must be independently regulated. This is often done by the licensing board in question. Outside regulation ensures that important rules designed to protect players are followed without personal interests in the casino in question overruling them.

    Cyber security

    Finally, we believe that casinos must be securely designed in order to perfect the player experience. Users should be able to visit their favorite online casino without worrying about the safety of their personal data, so we look for elements such as valid SSL encryption when rating providers.

  • Trustworthiness and security are important, but we think that games and software options are just as critical to the player experience. With so many types of casino games available, ranging from live dealer titles to slots and jackpots, players deserve a big selection of games from some of the industry’s best developers. Here is a brief explanation of exactly how we rate online casinos’ software and game selections:


    Extensive game catalog

    Some online casinos offer many games from one or two big developers, but not much else. While this does ensure that players have access to quality games, it also limits the types of games they can play. There is no end to the kinds of unique concepts used for the latest and greatest slot machine games, and working with a variety of game providers is the best way to allow players to experience as many of them as possible.

    The best progressive jackpots

    While they are not for everyone, progressive jackpots are a fan favorite for many players around the world. This kind of game keeps the money that players pay into it via wagers in a ‘pot’ that progressively grows until it is won. It is not unusual for popular jackpots to award millions of dollars!


    Free-play options


    Playing for real money is exciting, but sometimes playing for fun is the best option. An excellent online casino operator will have a free-play option for users who either like to have hands-on experience before they wager real money or who like to play without the pressure of winning.

    Top developers


    We mentioned the importance of extensive game catalogs above, but there is another reason why we prefer online casinos that work with a multitude of top providers. There are many different game developers in the industry, and not all of them are committed to creating quality titles. Well-established and respected designers, on the other hand, have tried-and-tested development skills that result in hugely popular games.

    Seamless browser play


    Being able to easily play in-browser is an important part of the appeal of online gambling. We check to ensure that the operators we review make it easy for players to enjoy their favorite games.

  • Bonus offers, be they for new players or loyal users, are a great way to show player appreciation and boost your bankroll. Most online casinos offer some kind of promotion – however, they are not always plentiful or generous. That is why we look not only at the presence of offers, but also the value of them.


    New-player offers

    Also called ‘welcome bonuses’, new player offers are designed for users who have never before been registered with the online operator. This kind of promotion offers players some kind of incentive to sign up, such as free spins or a first deposit match bonus.

    Fair terms and conditions


    It is easy to claim all sorts of things on your homepage only to hide predatory regulations within the fine print. The VIP Coin team examines the terms and conditions of every casino we review to make sure that there are no hidden downfalls to bonuses, such as exorbitant wagering requirements.

    Returning player bonuses


    New-player offers are important, but so are bonuses for returning players. We always check to see what bonuses an operator offers not just first-time users, but also loyal players.

    VIP programs and rewards


    Speaking of loyal players, VIP Casino believes that users deserve recognition for their time with online casinos. We, therefore, check operators’ VIP or other loyalty rewards when writing our reviews.

  • Games and bonuses are important, but only if players have access to convenient and safe payment methods. We do our research into the deposit and withdrawal processes of the casinos we review. We keep the following in mind when grading online casinos’ payment options:


    Quick deposits


    The best deposits are quick and easy. We look to see how easy deposits are to make as well as how long it takes for funds to be made available.


    Secure transactions


    Your personal information should not be treated lightly. We examine operators’ payment methods for weak links that might put your data at risk.


    Speedy withdrawals


    Sometimes, online casinos provide excellent games and a wide variety of deposit options only to drop the ball with slow withdrawals. Our goal is to find casinos with quick, trustworthy withdrawals.

    Fast transactions


    Even beyond withdrawals, the team at VIP Coin looks for quick processing of all transactions in general.

    Transparent gaming with fair RTPs. We believe that players deserve to know exactly how likely they are to land a winning spin when playing their favorite slot. We look for operators with transparent gaming and fair RTPs.

  • Even experienced players run into issues sooner or later. We place special importance on online casinos’ customer support options. We do this by looking at the following factors:


    Data security


    Is the website encrypted? We check out operators’ websites with a discerning eye to homepage encryption that keeps player information safe.


    Responsible gambling


    The VIP Coin team wants all players to be responsible when gambling. We look for online casinos that share this concern and offer players tools designed to help keep their spending in check.


    Simple player support


    Players should never have to dig through a website looking for customer support. We look at how easy it is to locate and access player care options.

    Quick and accurate solutions: Not only do we think that players should have answers quickly, but we also believe that they should have the best answers at their disposal.

  • Today’s player has a wealth of devices at their disposal. Online operators should make it easy to access games from smartphones and tablets as well as desktops. We look for the following:


    Optimized for mobile play


    Can players visit the operator’s website from their mobile device and play their favorite games? Websites should be optimized for smaller screens.


    Seamless app integration


    If an operator offers a dedicated mobile app, is it easy to switch from the app to the desktop site? Is information synced between the devices?

What about the crypto casinos that fail our tests?

Not every casino we explore meets all of our requirements. We note any potential downsides within our review, and if we feel as though an operator poses a risk to players, we will place it on our blacklist.

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