There are many ways that dealers or companies can fool players. However, there are many official online casinos that follow the correct play procedure for the benefit of both the player and the casino. Good online casinos are very sensitive to fraud and do their best to prevent such attempts.

Before registering on a virtual gambling site, read the standard rules that “fair” casinos follow. In order not to become victims, always carefully read the terms of the relevant online site. By making sure the platform you choose is legit, you will “save” money and protect yourself from scams.

Some online casinos have learned to use deception methods that do not violate any rules. For example, this could be using video poker odds software or roulette betting systems such as Martingale. A large number of different intruders operate on the global network, and it is quite easy to become their victim. 

With normal care, the risk of fraud can be reduced to zero. Despite the fact that various methods of debiting funds are constantly being considered, the reason is usually the inattention and haste of the users themselves. More sophisticated cheating methods are not always effective and require more skill and effort, so they are not very popular with attackers.

Use only trusted online casino sites, do not open suspicious emails, store passwords and logins securely and do not share them with third parties (even support service specialists) – and you will protect yourself from online scammers as much as possible.


The more the rates increase in various online casinos, the more scammers try to take advantage of this.

Casino fraud is a criminal offense under the laws of many countries. The methods used to deceive players are varied:

  1. False advertising . For example, a casino may place a welcome promotional offer, but not provide it to the player after registration.
  2. Another popular scam is email scams . The mail-order casino offers a reward for signing up. But when a player registers on the website, no one is responsible for the prize or invitation. This method is also called bait. Usually used to attract players.
  3. Casinos, both physical and online, use different ways to control the landing of the roulette ball , thus earning big money.
  4. Another easy way to cheat players is by asserting a set of rules that are not allowed by gambling regulators . Invented rules significantly increase the profit of the casino. This trick is designed for beginners.
  5. Theft and use of bank data . Fraud is common on sites that do not rely on security systems such as 128-bit SSL. A good licensed online casino guarantees maximum security to its players (systems are used that are able to encrypt and therefore hide all data during deposit and withdrawal operations).
  6. Misuse of personal data . When collecting your data, the official online casino undertakes not to use it for personal purposes. But misuse is possible in unauthorized structures. The platform may resell your data to a third resource, such as a dating site, social networks. This is a completely illegal practice that also puts you at risk.
  7. The disappearance of the site with the income of players . An illegal online casino can disappear overnight, taking with it all the money on the gaming accounts of customers.

Online casino refuses to withdraw winnings

Let’s say you’ve been playing for weeks at a casino with a no deposit bonus and you’re finally lucky. On the way to victory, you spent a lot of your resources, and in the end, “fate compensated” these costs, and with a vengeance. It’s time to withdraw money and enjoy a “fat” bank account. 

You start making plans, imagining how your life will change. But your joy can quickly fade if it turns out that the online casino refuses to pay out the winnings.

Or perhaps you have won a large amount of money at roulette. After a few hours, you notice that the money is not credited. At this point, you contact customer support, which, however, does not provide an explanation. The operator informs that the money will not be paid to you. The problem may be explained by the fact that your winnings aroused suspicion.

In such a situation, you can say goodbye to your money. You will have no one to turn to because they operate illegally and do not conform to the checks and measures a regulated and licensed casino will adhere to.


Today, it is easy to get into scam sites that, for example, offer winning strategies for various games. But instead, you will be dealing with strategies that are designed to take your time and money. 

The main threat to players is duplicates of popular online casino sites that are outwardly identical to the original, but have nothing to do with it.

After entering the login and password in duplicate sites, an error message or other system notifications will appear. But the entered data will already be in the hands of scammers who will gain access to your game account. In order not to fall for the bait, you should not use different search engines when searching for your favorite official online casino (leave the platform page in tabs). Also, check the name of the site – scammers often change one of the letters in the name.

Do not enter your personal online casino account from unknown computers, as well as unsecured connections!

Since your personal account details may remain on your computer and online data, this will allow you to access your personal account, where your finances will be controlled by scammers. 

Do not open suspicious emails and do not click on various links! 

You must strictly observe security when using the mailbox specified during registration. Various spam messages may appear (not from the casino, but from various intruders). Specific links can be inserted into the letter, upon clicking on which access to the computer is opened, as well as to all the data stored on it (password, login from the online casino account, as well as various payment details).

Do not share your details and passwords with others!

If you suspect that your data may have been lost or notified by other people, you should contact customer support, which in most cases responds almost instantly . In the appeal, it will be necessary to explain why the data could be lost and ask to change the password (if necessary, login) from the personal game account. This action occurs almost immediately, but may require certain information to be provided.

Responsible gaming is available in all virtual casinos. This feature will prevent you from depositing more into your gaming account than you indicated at the beginning of a certain period, which is often 1 month. Therefore, if you are unable to cope with your emotions on your own, the online casino will do it for you.


Check the reputation of the company!

In order not to run into scammers, you need to do a few searches on the Internet and find out about the situation with gaming portals. This takes time and, above all, trust in the sites that talk about the virtual casino.

There are special sites-aggregators of virtual casinos that check their reliability. A large number of different resources are being explored, including both new online casinos and proven ones that have been operating for more than a year. We’re so proud of our reputation amongst crypto casinos that we regularly review other licensed operators to see where we can improve, or what we do really well.

Casino sites are regularly checked, various ratings are created based on customer reviews and test results.

It’s important to check user reviews to make sure other people’s opinions are indicative of the quality of service and transparency of the company. But do not forget about the opinion of experts. It is enough to read the manuals on specialized portals.

Always check online casino licenses !

You should find out if the site is licensed. The license means that the platform adheres to certain rules and standards to ensure security.

Check out the payment options!

Without a doubt, the platform must accept transactions through the international systems Visa and MasterCard.

There should also be digital alternatives, among which the most popular and practical are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. The most advanced online casinos allow you to make deposits to your gaming account even with cryptocurrencies.

Check out the mobile casino apps!

Applications for smartphones and tablets are not always efficient and optimized, so it is very important to check the quality of their work. In particular, you need to see which games are compatible. Apps must be free to download with compatible versions for Android and iOS devices.

Following fairly simple tips, you can find a trusted and reliable casino in which all payments will be made on time. 

  • You must accept the fact that you will not be able to return the money invested. You hoped to win, but, unfortunately, luck was not on your side this time – this is the essence of “gambling”.

  • Most virtual casinos can be established outside of your country. This means that you will need a lawyer in the country where the casino is located. The process of filing a claim can be costly and tedious. Usually the gaming portal agrees to settle the issue out of court.

  • During the verification process, the operator asks his clients (players) to provide the necessary documents. The purpose of the verification is to confirm and prove a number of details, including age.

  • They can request: a screenshot or photo of an ID card in good quality, a copy of a driver’s license, a screenshot / photo of a bank card or payment system from which the account was replenished.

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