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Sian Roberts
- August 22, 2022

Playing Dice Games With Crypto

Perhaps not the most eye catching game you’ll find taking up space in an online casino lobby game, but betting on the simple roll of a dice is as basic as gambling gets. As such, craps is still competing with flashy new videoslots or live gameshows for a casino user’s attention.

Cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to enjoy playing dice games online. Yes, as one of the foremost crypto casinos we would say that, but honestly there are several benefits! For starters when depositing with crypto coin, you don’t have any of the associated transaction fees, waiting times or restrictions that playing at a casino with fiat currency is hampered by. Have a good night on the tables, hit a few snakes eyes, and you can withdraw your winnings immediately.

Regular casino players have also noted that those sites who are set up for accepting and paying in bitcoin, ethereum or other coins also tend to offer more sizeable welcome bonuses. Want the proof? Take a look at our very own first time deposit bonus right here to compare!

How do you play craps with crypto?

Just as easily as you would play it with a bankroll funded by $ or €. Once you’ve made your deposit with your chosen coin (which is as simple as clicking on the Sign Up button right here on this page and following the steps) the rest is as easy as…well, as easy as rolling a dice!

Find your chosen dice game in the lobby join and let the shooter throw the first roll. Now, craps is as old as the hills (it actually dates back to the Middle Ages according to casino historians) and although online it might have gained a few bells and whistles, it’s still just exactly the same, simple game of chance.

Finding it all a bit confusing? All the lingo sounding like nonsense to you? Don’t worry, you can try out our online craps games for free with play money before wagering your own crypto too.

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