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What Jackpot Slots Are Available To Play With Crypto?

Lots! That’s the simplest way of putting it. Basically if you’ve seen or played a jackpot, both progressive and local, on a standard online casino, we’ve got it here at VIPCoin Casino.

What is a Jackpot Slot?

A jackpot slot is, as the name suggest, a slots game which offers the chance of winning a jackpot win over and above the ordinary “max win” level. While there are several different types of jackpot games at online casinos, most will work on the format of taking a small amount of each bet wagered by a player and adding it to the growing jackpot total. There is an initial “seeding” period where the jackpot is too small to be won, but once it reaches a certain level it can be won at random. That’s how a jackpot slot works at its most basic, but there are many variatiobns.

Standalone / Solo Jackpot Slots

A standalone jackpot refers to a game whose jackpot is not accumulated across any network of other games or players. The jackpot only increases for that one player, during his playing session. These are more commonly found in physical casinos, not online.

Local Jackpot Slots

A local jackpot slot is one which accumulates across a series of games, at one casino only. So, the jackpot here at VipCoin Casino for one of these games might stand at $12,000 because many people are playing it but at another crypto casino where fewer people are active, it might be much, much lower.

Networked Progressive Jackpot Slot

These are perhaps the most popular form of jackpot slots. Here the jackpot total accumulates across multiple casinos, amassing very high potential wins. Often these can run into the tens-of-millions and represent truly life-changing sums.

Fixed Jackpots

These jackpots are hard coded into individual games and do not increase as more players play the game. While the total amounts on offer by these jackpot games cannot match those of networked jackpots, the odds are also much lower.

Must Drop Jackpots

Must Drop jackpots are a newer innovation from online slots providers. With these wins, a time is set by which the jackpot figure must be won by someone playing the game at that time. There are hourly, daily, and weekly Must Drop jackpots, with the prize figure increasing with each jump up in timeframe.

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