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Playing Virtual Games With Crypto

The online casino industry has never been one known to stand still for long. No sooner are we catching our breath after the latest evolution, than we spot something fresh appearing on the horizon. “Virtual games” are the latest trend in online gambling, and their popularity means they are now a key section of any self-respecting casino lobby.

The phrase ‘virtual games’ is a bit of a catch all, encompassing a varied range of sub-categories such as virtual sports betting, ‘crash games’ (such as Jet X and Aviator, for example) and, the next big craze is analysts’ predictions are to be believed, VR casino gaming.

What are online casino crash games?

After spending so long looking at modern videoslots, with their Hollywood blockbuster production values, the new craze for ‘crash games’ might appear a retrograde step. Usually, these games are relatively simplistic in style – think of a retro 8-bit console game. The name ‘crash’ was given to these games based on most of the early examples simply being a rocket or a place of some kind climbing up to a random height, before spontaneously crashing and exploding.

Players place a bet before each round, choosing the level of their wager. As the in-game sprite climbs higher and higher, ever larger multipliers will be applied to the player’s winnings. At any point each player can cash out and hold their winnings safe. However, the higher the character climbs, the more money the player stands to win. This simple approach to a gambling game perfectly encapsulates the thrill of pushing the game just one millisecond further for the extra win. No wonder they are so popular!

Virtual Sports Betting

Completely separate from eSports betting (which is betting on a eSports competition, just as you would any standard sport), virtual sports games started appearing at online casinos in the early 2000s. With ever more faithful virtual renditions of sports, bettors were suddenly able to bet on their favored sports at any time of the day or night. No need to wait for the next big match!

Today, there are just as many virtual sports to bet on as there are real sports – if not more!

VR Casino Games

Many view the virtual-reality sphere as the next boundary for online casinos to venture across. While there are a handful of games out there such as VR Poker and VR Blackjack, time will tell just how far this new technology will advance our beloved casino games.

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