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Felix Gaming was launched in 2017 by a small but dedicated team of designers. The mission of the company is to improve the experience of online gambling and make it more similar to gambling in brick-and-mortar establishments. 

Felix Gaming works to fulfill this mission by creating incredibly immersive slot machine games and focusing on the visual effects, sound design and overall feel of playing the games. The attention to detail that Felix Gaming has for all its games is readily apparent – just take a look at the individual dragon scales in Dark Mystic or the leprechaun’s creamy pint in Mr. Luck. 

History of Felix Gaming

Felix Gaming was launched in 2017 and has produced over 30 games since then. The company is very small and independent, which makes this an incredibly significant amount of growth in just a few years. The company has remained small, but it continues to create popular, high-quality games across a range of different themes and styles. 

One of the biggest achievements that the company has seen is having its game It’s a Joker consistently rank among the top 10 games played at multiple online casinos around the world. 

Felix Gaming Top Games 

The top game from this provider is definitely It’s a Joker, a classic fruit slot with a spooky clown theme. Aside from the It-inspired graphics, which are genuinely creepy and scary, there are also a number of rewarding bonuses, wilds and free spins that have made the game a favorite in many online casinos

Wild Beast of Crete

Like all other Felix Gaming slots, Wild Beast of Crete has a visual aesthetic that is characterized by bright colors and fun, vibrant graphics with a mythological theme. The game has become incredibly popular due to its wild symbols, scatter symbols and volatility. 

Kukers and other mythology games

There are a number of different games based on mythologies from around the world, including Kukers (based on ancient Thracian demon), Cai Shein 689 (the Chinese god of wealth), Under the Fifth Sun (an Aztec-themed game), and a series of Egyptian-themed games. The Felix Gaming slots design team has clearly put in an incredible amount of thought and effort into perfecting every game. 

Felix Gaming Summary 

For an incredibly small team, Felix Gaming is a company that has a lot of heart and dedication to its craft. The games are all well-designed and the team has created about as many games as some studios twice its size. 

Felix Gaming slots are characterized by their engrossing visuals, sound effects and the fun bonuses and offers they feature. Players who are familiar with It’s a Joker will find a similar aesthetic and level of excitement in the other slot games on offer. 

Felix Gaming has the potential to grow much bigger than it is and really take the market by storm – these smart, fun, exciting and well-designed games are definitely worth a play.  

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