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Year Founded 2016
Number of Games30
HeadquartersLimassol, Cyprus 

Fugaso is certainly one of the more unique game producers currently on the market. It is no secret that a lot of slot machine game themes in the industry are fairly repetitive and overdone – we have all come across dozens of Egypt, Vegas, leprechaun and Viking-themed games. 

Fugaso essentially rejects all of the overdone themes and has come out with some pretty wild and leftfield ideas for games. These include creating its own super hero, mixing genres to make games such as Book of Anime, using celebrities to create games such as Spin Tyson, Spin!, and skirting controversy with titles such as Stoned Joker

Aside from the novelty aspect of the games, they are well designed and all of them feature fun bonuses and surprises for players. It’s hardly surprising that even as a young company, it is already gaining popularity with crypto casino players worldwide. 

History of Fugaso

Launched in 2016 in Cyprus, the heart of the online gaming industry, Fugaso is run by a small but dedicated team of professional game developers and artists. The company uses what it describes as diverse game mechanics and advanced mathematical algorithms to power its games. 

The priority driving Fugaso is to create fun, engaging games that are also responsible. The games are designed to be played in a safe way and in a controlled manner. It is great to see a game producer making safety and responsibility a core goal, as many other companies do not factor in safety when it comes to game design. 

Fugaso Top Games 

It is no surprise that this creative game has become a hit with players around the world. It features truly wild graphics and audio of a priest battling satanic demons. Most importantly, it has some pretty otherworldly bonuses and spin features. 

This is certainly one of the more unique games on offer at Fugaso. This Donald-Trump-themed game is likely going to appeal to his haters and lovers alike and is…pretty strange. It features symbols of Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Trump and various large predators, and there is a lone eagle cry in the background music. This game is worth playing for the novelty factor alone. 

Another surprise fan favorite from Fugaso is Magic Spinners. This is an ancient Egyptian Fidget Spinner-themed game. Yes, you read that right. Alongside its classic fruit graphics, it features three jackpots for players: Mini, Midi and Maxi. If they had fidget spinners in ancient Egypt, they probably would have looked like this. 

Fugaso Summary 

The fun, unique and sometimes goofy themes of Fugaso slots are likely the first thing that many players notice. However, the games themselves are very well-designed and it is clear that concern for player experience is the main consideration driving the design and creation of the games. 

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