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Platipus is a small producer based out of Douglas in the UK that has 78 games to its name and is quickly developing its portfolio. Its games can be found on 500+ different online casinos and some of the games have become incredibly popular. 

Platipus slots are known for their eye-catching graphics, complex storylines and range of different bonuses. The company has slowly become more and more well-known in the industry for its slots and bonuses. 

Platipus also focuses on product quality in terms of software and tech. The firm uses reliable software and its RNG was certified by iTechLabs for a number of different jurisdictions. Platipus also takes a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and bribery and takes additional steps to safeguard user data. 

History of Platipus

Platipus was launched in 2014 and is a small, independent company unaffiliated with any large, international conglomerates. In 2014, it separated from Miracle Casino to become its own, standalone project focusing on high-quality casino games. 

By 2016, Platipus had released its first 10 games and had started to make a name for itself with the hit title Crocoman. In 2017, it partnered with a number of the biggest aggregation networks in the business. Finally, in 2020, Platipus ramped up production and started doing monthly releases of new games, powered by the acquisition of a few smaller companies. 

Platipus Top Games 

The diversity of Platipus slots is impressive and unique for the industry. The games are well-designed, the graphics are cohesive, and there is a wide range of themes available. Gamers will notice that many of the titles are designed to appeal to certain language speakers or country demographics, and this level of specificity is really great to see in a small design studio. The best Platipus slot available is undoubtedly Posh Cats, but 9 Dragon Kings, Little Witchy, Wild Justice and Sakura Wild are also all top games and classics of their respective genres.

Posh Cats 

Posh Cats is known for its bonuses and its classic layout of reels and rows, as well as its cute and vibrant visuals.


One of the most fun aspects of Platipus games is the fact that they are incredibly creative and specific. Loosely based on the iconic movie Crocodile Dundee, Crocoman is a unique and fun game. With great graphics and a fun soundtrack, it is hardly surprising that Crocoman was the slot that launched Platipus into the mainstream.  

Platipus Summary 

Platipus slots have become well known in the industry for their intricate storylines, fun volatility options, and their creative and numerous bonuses. 

However, other than the unique Platipus slots, the company sets itself apart from the competition through its product quality. The company prides itself on its high-quality tech, compliance with data privacy measures, and strong values of integrity and honesty. 

Platipus is currently a small company, but it looks set to continue expanding and producing monthly game releases. As the firm continues to expand, it is likely to take up more market share and become a staple provider in online casino libraries around the world. 

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