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NameTriple PG
Year Founded2014
Number of Games100+

Triple PG, also known as Triple Profits Gaming and TPG, is a slots provider with hundreds of games on the market. The provider is unique in that it specializes in games developed for Asian markets, and while it does not discourage other markets from distributing them, it is concerned primarily with its Asian player base. Players can rest assured that Triple PG has their best interests in mind, with strict quality control and transparent practices being the norm. Notably, Triple PG slots were some of the first to feature a seamless balance of traditional gameplay and ‘social gaming tools’ to complete the experience. 

History of Triple PG

Founded in 2014, Triple PG provides slots to crypto casinos around the world. Its games feature distinctive themes that are most appealing to Asian markets, with bold and colorful graphics. The provider has been dedicated to its Eastern fan base since day one, though its intriguing games are quickly gaining popularity outside of that specific market. 

Triple PG is notable because it creates games that combine social gaming with real-money gambling. This combination is a winning one that allows players to relax while potentially winning impressive sums. While it has not yet had a true ‘breakthrough moment’, the company has been steadily increasing in popularity. 

Triple PG Top Games

Fans of lighthearted slots with interesting graphics and solid bonus features will find much to love with Triple PG’s games. Some of the most popular of them will be discussed in this section, and include:

God of Fortune features some of the cutest graphics around! This title is available on a variety of platforms, including mobile gaming as well as desktops, and includes bonus rounds, bonus spins, 25 paylines and wild symbols.

Another Triple PG title with appealing graphics, Blessing Mouse offers players a host of features. From bonus rounds to bonus spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols and multipliers, this 2020 release has plenty to love.

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is a fun slot with an intriguing title that clearly loses just a bit in translation. The title offers instant play, scatter symbols and bonus spins, as well as 25 paylines and intriguing Chinese-inspired graphics. 

Triple PG Summary

Triple PG is an exciting game company with a number of well-designed slots on the market. While the provider is not yet a decade old, it has carved out an important niche for itself in the Asian markets, a relatively under-targeted casino game market – and because its games can be played casually or for real money, they hold a wide appeal. With an impressive portfolio featuring such a wide variety of themes, it is not difficult to envisage Triple PG’s impending global success. 

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