The VIP Guide to Crazy Time | Payouts and Odds

The first part to mastering any live casino game is learning where the payouts hit, and what the odds are. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we’re covering in this section of the VIPCoin Casino guide to Crazy Time.

If you’re a fan of Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time live game show, you may be wondering about the odds of winning, the top payouts, and exactly how much real money you can walk away with when playing it. In this article, we’ll be delving into the statistics, odds, and payouts in both the Crazy Time base game and the various bonus games.

Base Game Odds

The Crazy Time base game works in a similar way to most online money wheel games. The main feature of the game is the giant wheel, which comes with a total of 54 segments. Although there are 54 segments, players must choose one (or more) of eight spaces when placing their bets before the first wheel spin.

This is because there are only eight betting options, laid out as follows:

  • 1 occupies 21 segments of the wheel
  • 2 occupies 13 segments of the wheel
  • 5 occupies seven segments of the wheel
  • 10 occupies four segments of the wheel

Then there are the bonus game options, which also occupy sections on the wheel, and which you can bet on during the base game. There are four bonus games:

  • Coin Flip occupies four segments of the wheel
  • Cash Hunt occupies two segments of the wheel
  • Pachinko occupies two segments of the wheel
  • Crazy Time occupies one segment of the wheel

The bet (or bets) you place in the base game will define the odds you are playing for, but remember that in Crazy Time, there’s also a random multiplier prize that can greatly affect your final payout. The odds for the main section of the wheel are fairly easy to work out:

  • 1 has odds of 1:1 ($10 back on a $5 bet)
  • 2 has odds of 2:1 ($15 back on a $5 bet)
  • 5 has odds of 5:1 ($30 back on a $5 bet)
  • 10 has odds of 10:1 ($55 back on a $5 bet)

So, the good odds are on the higher numbers. However, while many would consider that the lower numbers carry bad odds, there is, of course, a reason for that. The odds when you bet on 1 are pretty low, but there’s a significant chance of winning because the 1 occupies 21 sections of the wheel, whereas you are a lot less likely to win with the 10, which is only on four sections of the wheel.

When you bet on the bonus game segments, you don’t get an immediate payout. However, if the section you placed your stake on does win, you’ll automatically trigger one of the bonus rounds, which means that you could win one of the biggest prizes in the game.

When a player bets on a bonus game and wins, that player gets to play the bonus game. Other players can watch, but only those who placed a bet on the bonus game during the base game will get to participate. We’ll take a closer look at the bonus features, and what the odds are of winning the bonus rounds, below.

Base Game Wheel

In the base game, the focal point is the main Crazy Time wheel, with its 54 segments, and the eight betting options based on those segments. The game is played like this:

  • Players place their initial stake on one of the eight available spaces, or split their bets across multiple spaces.
  • This initial stake must be placed within a timed betting period, giving players just 13 seconds to get their bets in place.
  • Once the betting period is over, the top slot spins to reveal one of the bet spaces, along with a multiplier.
  • The Crazy Time wheel also spins and reveals the winning space.
  • Winnings are then paid out, complete with any multipliers.
  • If any player bets on a bonus game space and that space wins, it will trigger a bonus game.

Look out for the multipliers displayed on the wheel in the main game as this can significantly increase your total win, depending on what your initial stake was and which space you placed your bet on.

The Crazy Time money wheel – where all the fun happens!

High multipliers in the base game are always a good thing, but obviously, the real impact they have will depend on how risky your initial bet was. Betting on 1 will never allow you to hit a really big payout, even when you add a high multiplier to the mix. However, placing a riskier bet, say on 10, will mean that the multiplier can make a huge difference to your payout ratio.

The odds of winning depend on where you place your bet, with the likelihood of the flapper landing on any particular space being as follows:

  • 1: 37%
  • 2: 25.93%
  • 5: 12.96%
  • 10: 7.4%
  • Coin Flip: 7.4%
  • Cash Hunt: 3.7%
  • Pachinko: 3.7%
  • Crazy Time: 1.85%

The four bonus games that can be triggered during the base game come with further multipliers. That’s where the really big wins can happen in Crazy Time. We’ll discuss how those bonus rounds might play out below.

Cash Hunt Bonus Odds

VIP Guide to Crazy Time _ Cash Hunt Odds

All the bonus games come with their own fun features that determine the value of the multiplier that will be applied to your final win, and therefore, of course, also determine the size of your prize pot. When the flapper stops on Cash Hunt, and you have a bet on it, you will get to enter the Crazy Time shooting gallery.

Here, you’ll find a grid dotted with 108 multiplier prizes that are up for grabs. The Crazy Time dealer then pulls the golden lever, resulting in all the prizes on the grid being scrambled and hidden under random icons.

You now need to take aim at one of the icons on the prize grid and fire at your target to reveal the multiplier that will be applied to your total bet. The odds of winning in the Cash Hunt bonus game are pretty good, as it comes with a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 95.27%, and the max payout is usually 5,000x your stake. However (top VIP tip coming up here!), Evolution Gaming’s Todd Haushalter has confirmed in an interview that you can target a hidden multiplier of up to 25,000x in Cash Hunt.

“Our largest multiplier is in cash hunt, where you can target a hidden multiplier of up to 25,000x”

Todd Haushalter, Evolution Gaming

In this game, as in all the Crazy Time bonus games, your max payout is capped at $500,000, but this is a very generous cap, so the top prize is definitely worth winning. Remember that bets on bonus rounds do not come with particularly high odds of winning. If you bet on Cash Hunt in the base game, you have only a 2 in 54 (or 3.7%) chance of winning.

Many players love the idea of Cash Hunt because it feels like you actually have some control over your multiplier. After all, you do choose which target to shoot at. In practice, however, this does not necessarily mean very much. The set RTP on the game of 95.27% means that, over time, this is how much will be returned to each player, even after allowing for the fact that different symbols may pay out different amounts. The aim-and-fire element of the game is a fun feature, but Crazy Time remains a game of chance where anyone can potentially win big in the Cash Hunt game, regardless of the target they choose.

Coin Flip Bonus Odds

When the flapper stops on the Coin Flip bonus game, and you have been lucky enough to bet on it, you’ll enter a new bonus game. In the Coin Flip bonus round, the host grabs a coin that is red on one side, and blue on the other. The coin is then loaded into a launcher, which will flip it. Before the coin is flipped, a random multiplier value for each side of the coin is revealed. The coin then flips and the color that it lands on will determine which multiplier is applied to your bet.

You can win up to 5,000x your bet in the Coin Flip round, but again, it has a cap of $500,000 regardless of the amount you stake. The Coin Flip round has an RTP ratio of 95.70%, and you have better odds of landing the bonus in the first place because the Coin Flip game occupies four spaces out of the 54 available on the Crazy Time wheel, meaning that there is a 7.4% chance of winning when you place your initial bet on Coin Flip.

Pachinko Bonus Odds

If you bet on Pachinko, and that’s where the wheel lands, you’ll be taken to the Pachinko bonus round, where an electronic ball is dropped from the top of the giant Pachinko board to the bottom, bouncing off obstacles, pinball style, as it goes. The prize slot it lands in determines the multiplier that will be applied to your winnings. With the Pachinko bonus round, you can also collect unlimited doubles, so it is a bonus well worth hitting.

The highest payout you can hope for in the Pachinko bonus game is 10,000x your bet, but don’t forget that the $500,000 limit still applies. Pachinko has an RTP of 94.3%, so over time the return is slightly less than with the other bonus games. Pachinko, like Cash Hunt, can be found on two out of the 54 segments on the wheel, so there is only a 3.7% chance of the flapper landing on this bonus in the base game.

Crazy Time Bonus Odds

The Crazy Time bonus game is technically the most difficult bonus round to trigger, but what that means, of course, is that it comes with the highest potential rewards. When you place your stake on the Crazy Time bonus and trigger this bonus round, you get to step into a virtual room with your Crazy Time host. This reveals a giant wheel with three colored flappers, which are yellow, green, and blue. You get to choose the flapper you think will land on the best prize, and then the wheel is spun. When the wheel stops, the flapper you picked will land on a space, determining your prize.

The Crazy Time bonus game comes with the possibility of winning up to 20,000x of your original stake and, like all the other bonus rounds, there is a total limit on your winnings of $500,000. The overall return to player percentage in this bonus game is 94.41%. Remember that the Crazy Time bonus only occupies one space on the entire wheel, so the odds of it coming up are very low, at just 1.85%. However, if the wheel does land in your favor and triggers the bonus, you could get a substantial win.

With the Crazy Time bonus, as with Cash Hunt, you may feel like you have a little control over the game because you get to pick the flapper that will determine your prize. However, again, this does not necessarily mean that there is a specific strategy you can use to win. The flappers are completely randomized, and there’s no way of knowing which one is most likely to land on the highest prize, even if you know exactly which ones have landed on the best options previously. You may as well just pick your favorite color, or go on pure instinct because, with each spin, any one of the colored flappers could be the one that secures you the jackpot.

Top Slot Odds

You may be wondering about the Top Slot in Crazy Time, how that works, and how it affects your odds of winning. In the base game, the Top Slot spins at the start of every round, and this essentially determines one random multiplier for one random bet space on the main wheel. If the multiplier lines up with the bet space horizontally in the Top Slot, that multiplier will be applied to the bets that have been placed on that space.

If a number space has a multiplier applied, and that space wins, any bet on that space will be multiplied accordingly. If the Top Slot aligns with a bonus game space and that space wins, it will multiply the multipliers within the bonus game.

The Top Slot can, then, greatly increase your chances of a big win, especially when applied to a bonus round. However, again, there is no real strategy you can use here. The space that the Top Slot lands on is random and the odds of it landing on your space, if you just placed one bet, are 1 in 54. So, you just have to hope for the best when it comes to the Top Slot.

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