The VIP Guide to Crazy Time | Winning Strategies

Can you really apply strategy to a simple “money wheel” type gameshow? Well, when we took a deep dive into the mechanics of Crazy Time and its numerous bonus rounds, we definitely found scope for applying methodology to playing Evolution’s smash hit live dealer title. Read on to find out more…

Released in 2020, Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time is one of the most popular online casino games around the world. This live game show is full of exciting game rounds, including the well-known bonus round Cash Hunt, as well numerous opportunities for bonus bets and bet multipliers. 

If you’ve discovered this page, the chances are that you’re looking for the best Crazy Time betting strategy for your goals and play style. From high-risk strategies to classics such as the 10-5-2-1 strategy, we have pulled together all of the information you need to know to find your optimal playing strategy. 

Are you ready to learn more about popular strategies to potentially help you offset potential losses and maximize your chances of winning? If so, keep reading for our takes on the Crazy Time Wheel and how you can dive deeper into its mechanics to find a strategy that fits. 

Crazy Time RTP

Before we dive into the basics of Crazy Time bet strategy, remember that the game show, just like any other casino game, has a Return to Player (RTP) percentage. Designed to give the house enough of an edge to turn a profit, Crazy Time’s RTPs for each wheel segment are:

  • Number section one: 96.08%
  • Number section two: 95.95%
  • Number section five: 95.78%
  • Number section 10: 95.73%
  • Crazy Time bonus game: 94.41%
  • Pachinko bonus game: 95.33%
  • Coin Flip bonus game: 95.27%
  • Cash Hunt bonus game: 95.70%

If this were a slot game, we might caution you about some of those percentages. However, Crazy Time has shown itself to be an extremely profitable game for players in the past. Just note that you are not guaranteed to win anything when taking a risk with the Crazy Time wheel. This is true of all casino games, but it’s worth a quick reminder. 

Risk vs Wheel Coverage Strategy

Before we go into detail about this popular strategy, here are some basics to keep in mind. The examples in this section are based on optimal numbers for a $10 bet each round, assuming that each betting unit is valued at $1. You will need to adjust the numbers to fit the specific bet you intend to make.

It is also important to note that no strategy can guarantee a win. All we can do is give you the knowledge you need to tackle the game and make slightly smarter choices than the other players.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss wheel coverage strategy vs. risk strategy.

Low-Risk Strategy: The 10-5-2-1 Method

The first Crazy Time betting strategy we will cover is the low-risk 10-5-2-1 method. This kind of strategy focuses solely on numbers. The goal is to cover as many sections as possible on the Crazy Time wheel. The 10-5-2-1 strategy is one of the most popular strategies for wheel coverage because it reaches 45 out of Crazy Time’s 54 wheel segments. This low-volatility strategy aims to produce small wins frequently rather than large wins rarely. By maximizing the amount of time you can play, this game strategy gives you as many bets as possible to win back your money and boost your average return.

The 10-5-2-1 method is easy to use for experienced players and newcomers alike. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Bet two units ($2 using our example) on section 10
  • Bet two units ($2 using our example) on section five
  • Bet two units ($2 using our example) on section two
  • Bet four units ($4 using our example) on section one

Using this optimal playing strategy, you will receive at least 2x max cash (your max stake) when winning. The minimum you can expect to win using our example above is $8 on sections one and two, while the maximum you can expect to win is $22 on section 10.

High-Risk Strategy: Bonus Hunting

The next strategy we’ll discuss is the Bonus Hunter strategy. Next to the 10-5-2-1 strategy, the Bonus Hunter strategy is one of the most popular high-risk strategies among Crazy Time players. The goal of this strategy is to maximize your bonus round hits before your bankroll goes bust. Players will focus exclusively on bonus game rounds, including Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and the titular Crazy Time. 

This Crazy Time betting strategy is both similar to and different from the 10-5-2-1 method described above. Both strategies cover as many wheel segments on the Crazy Time Wheel, but the number of segments covered is quite different. Instead of allowing players to bet on 45 segments on every wheel spin, the Bonus Hunter strategy allows players to bet on nine. The theory here is that because you bet on only nine wheel segments, your chance of potentially racking up bets on bonus rounds is improved.  

The obvious motivation here is bet multipliers. Whether you land a 10x multiplier or a 50x multiplier, they will help boost your wins and increase your max cash. Depending on the multipliers you land, you could potentially score a win as big as 20,000x your stake! 

This optimal playing strategy is easy to understand:

  • Bet two units ($2 using our example) on Crazy Time
  • Bet two units ($2 using our example) on Coinflip
  • Bet two units ($2 using our example) on Pachinko
  • Bet four units ($4 using our example) on Cash Hunt

Note that while you are only betting on nine segments, you will likely run out of funds pretty quickly. Because this Crazy Time betting strategy focuses on bonus games exclusively, you can expect to hit bonus game rounds, on average, every 10 game rounds. On the other hand, you could potentially score big if the Crazy Time wheel’s top slot assigns an active multiplier to the bonus segment you bet on and the flap wheels land on it. 

Ultra-High-Risk Strategy

If the high-risk strategy above isn’t enough for you, don’t worry – we have another option that might be your optimal playing strategy. Be aware that it has the potential to drain your pocket even quicker than any of the other popular strategies in this article.

Some players have a large budget and want to make high-risk, high-reward bets without worrying about piecemealing the funds out over a long period of time. Known as the Ultra-High-Risk strategy, this playing method allows you the freedom to make those high bets without operating without a plan.

The Ultra-High-Risk strategy is straightforward. It offers just 1.85% Crazy Time wheel coverage and encourages players to go big or go home. There is little restraint to be found – bet high so that if you win, you optimize your winnings. It’s a simple concept, right? There are no hidden complexities, either, so it’s a great choice even for new players with large budgets.

To play using the Ultra-High-Risk method, enable autoplay with a bet amount of your choice. Allow it to run through however many rounds you want it to, enabling it to make bets automatically in the Crazy Time bonus segment. More specifically, follow these steps:

  • Place the bet of your choice on the Crazy Time bonus segment.
  • Enable autoplay and set the number of game rounds you want to play.
  • Double-check the bet and autoplay settings, and then sit back and cross your fingers.

That’s all you need to know about the Ultra-High-Risk Crazy Time betting strategy. Make sure to bet cautiously if you have a budget!

Probabilistic Strategy

Here is a strategy for players who enjoy diving deeper into the numbers of their casino games. Known as the probabilistic strategy, players using this method take into account the probabilities behind winning each section of the Crazy Time wheel to help them make smart choices. This is a bit different from the other strategies outlined above. Most of them encourage players to pick a set amount of money and bet it on each round regardless of the differing probabilities of landing on each individual number segment or bonus game. 

The benefit of this strategy is that the numbers behind the bonus wheel segments can offer insight into how likely, on average, you might be to hit the section of your choice. In return, this knowledge can help you plan out your bets to make your bankroll work a bit better for you. The likelihood percentage of hitting each segment on the Crazy Time wheel includes:

  • Number section one: 38.88%
  • Number section two: 24.07%
  • Number section five: 12.96%
  • Number section 10: 7.5%
  • Crazy Time bonus game: 1.85%
  • Pachinko bonus game: 3.7%
  • Coin Flip bonus game: 3.7%
  • Cash Hunt bonus game: 7.4%

As you can see, the probability of landing on the segments varies widely from one section to another in the game. Once you know this information, however, what exactly do you do with it? There are a few different ways that you can leverage the probabilistic Crazy Time betting strategy to your advantage. 

First, remember that the numbers above are averages. This means that over a long period of time, the percentages are the most likely outcome. This does not mean that you will experience them every time you play. Crazy Time, just like all casino games, is based on luck, and sometimes the odds differ from game to game. Some sessions are simply more profitable than others. 

With the average hit percentages we’ve outlined in mind, open up another tab while playing Crazy Time (the show itself, not necessarily the bonus round, specifically) and look at past outcomes in your session. If you have found that you have been likely to hit a specific bonus game in fewer than five or six spins, you can try betting on that section to maximize your chances of winning. 

Another way that players use the probabilistic Crazy Time betting strategy is to decide which round to put on autoplay when utilizing the Ultra-High-Risk strategy discussed earlier. This might not be quite as accurate as the tab method, but it is likely more accurate than just guessing blindly. 

The Martingale System in Crazy Time

When it comes to timeless betting strategies, it is difficult to find a better example than the Martingale System. This betting method has been around for centuries and can be applied to many different casino games. Crazy Time is no exception.

To use the Martingale Crazy Time betting strategy, the first thing you should know is that this is not a method for smaller budgets unless you only plan to play for a short time. This is because potential losses are high. However, so are potential payouts. Once you have your budget collected, you need to decide how much money you want to bet.

Betting using the Martingale System can be expensive, so think about your initial bet amount carefully. Here is how it works:

  • Bet on all four bonus rounds with an initial bet.
  • If the Crazy Time wheel does not land on any of those segments, double your bet in the next round.
  • If you win, you can collect your money and either start over with the first step or leave while you’re ahead.
  • If you don’t win, you will double your bet once more.
  • Keep doubling your bet until you win.

Here is an example of the Martingale System in play. Let’s say that your initial bet is $2. You bet this on all four bonus fields, meaning that you spend a total of $8 on the initial round. If you don’t win the next round, you will double that for a total of $16 on the next round. Bonus games hit, on average, around every six rounds in Crazy Time.

As you can see, the strategy can be a risky one, especially if you run out of funds before you win. You will need a lot of funds, in other words, to make sure that you can keep this system going until you win and make back your wagers. The good news is that when you finally win, the payout will be a big one.

Monitoring the Stats with a Tracker

The next betting strategy to consider is the game tracker strategy. This is similar to the probabilistic strategy described above as it also requires players to keep track of game odds and probabilities. However, instead of betting based on the odds you discern in your specific betting session, the stat tracker Crazy Time betting strategy looks at the big picture. It is often combined with some of the previously discussed betting strategies.

To use this method, begin by opening up your tracker of choice. Make sure that its numbers are accurate! You can do this by looking up some of them on your own to see if other sources report the same. If the tracker states that the last big win occurred a month prior, for example, Google the date and see if that’s an accurate assertion. 

Once you have your tracker open, the numbers you consider before you bet depend on the kind of bets you plan to make. If you want to hedge your bets and only play the game when you think that it is close to a big win, trackers can give you information about past wins, including the average amount of time between them. Once the average arrives, you might begin playing the game and crossing your fingers that you get lucky. You might combine that knowledge with one of the bonus rounds described in the article to maximize your potential winnings. 

If you are more interested in determining which bonus round has historically been the highest paying, many stat trackers can also provide you with that information. We still advise keeping an eye on the game stats specific to your playtime just to make sure that you aren’t playing against real-time odds. 

As with the other Crazy Time betting strategies we’ve discussed, remember that the odds reflected in trackers are the long-term averages. This means that one session might have a massive win on Cash Hunt, while 100 others do not – the average takes both of these situations into account. Make sure that you pay attention to how the current game is going and make your bets with both bits of knowledge (the historical average and the real-time average) in mind. 

Creating a Budget for Crazy Time Popular Strategies

Before you use any of the popular strategies discussed in this article, you should create a responsible budget. If you don’t have a set amount of money in mind that you can afford to spend before sitting down and opening the game, you are much more likely to overspend and end up burning through a lot more cash than you realize. Whether you’re playing Crazy Time for a bit of extra money or are hoping for a big win, you can only play as long as you conserve your budget.

Your budget should come from funds you can afford to use. Do not include money that needs to go to bills or any other commitments in this fund! You are never guaranteed to win back your money, and you might find yourself late on important responsibilities if you take that risk. You should also only spend money that doesn’t need to be saved. If you have a savings account you are currently building, add money to the account before you create your budget. Always practice responsible gambling.

Are you ready to get started on your Crazy Time journey? Keep the popular betting strategies we have discussed in this article in mind as you sit down to bet.

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Karen Banes is a freelance writer specialising in creating content about finance, cryptocurrency and virtual casinos. Her work has been featured in Wealthtender, Making of a Millionaire, and The Washington Post.

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