The best casinos with Dash

Find the best crypto casino to gamble with Dash

Dash, or Digital Cash, is a cryptocurrency that’s accepted at a variety of online casinos worldwide. While Dash is not accepted at all online casinos at present, it is an increasingly popular option that’s set to grow in the months and years to come.

Best Dash Casinos , July 2024

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Dash Background

Dash’s status in the cryptocurrency world is fairly small at the time of writing, though the brand has an ambitious journey ahead. Dash’s original developers loosely based the blockchain currency on Bitcoin (BTC), with a vision to make crypto investing and payments more accessible to all. Dash’s main focus is on payments, whether between private sellers or via merchants. The service has a free app available to download.

Dash’s history is mainly rooted in P2P, or peer-to-peer, money exchange. This means that it is effectively a platform through which you can send and receive money between private individuals on an anonymous basis. Ultimately, it’s considered an entry-level variation on Bitcoin.


  • Log into a participating casino and head to ‘deposits’ or ‘banking.’
  • Select Dash as your chosen payment method.
  • You’ll then need to enter your login details for your Dash wallet (details below).
  • Once you’re logged into your wallet, enter in how much you’d like to deposit at your chosen casino.
  • Enter the wallet address for said casino and verify the transaction. You’ll then be redirected to the casino, and you should see your deposit appear in a matter of moments.


Dash’s main focus is on accessibility for all, meaning it is never difficult to set up a Dash wallet of your own and get started. Simply head to and take a look at its ‘downloads’ section. Here, you will find a variety of different digital wallets that accept Dash, which you can use to pay merchants, deposit at casinos and more.

Dash wallets are available for mobile devices as well as for macOS, with multiple services and programs available for you to download to your native device. Participating casinos will allow you to redirect to your wallet, log in and authorize the payment you’d like to make.

The activation for your Dash wallet will vary from provider to provider. However, simply be prepared to verify your email address and a handful of minimal details. As with other cryptocurrencies, Dash is focused on protecting your identity – and anonymity is a big part of the process.

With its ease of use and speed of transaction, setting up a Dash wallet and starting to pay and play with this cryptocurrency is recommended. Of course, it’s always worth making sure you understand the exchange rate from Dash into casino currency. Your chosen casino lounge will likely help to prepare you for this.


Buying products and services with Dash is quick and simple, either through using the DashApp or through connecting your wallet to a specific service. For example, you can connect your Dash wallet to casinos that participate with the cryptocurrency.

Otherwise, buying with Dash will vary from merchant to merchant, so always make sure to read any terms, conditions and processes expected of you. Dash’s app and its participating wallets are opening up to more and more services, with its main focus being on private P2P transactions.

Using a Dash wallet is easier than you might imagine. Just make sure you take the time to read the full instructions before you start making deposits.


Connecting your crypto casino or gaming account with a Dash wallet is as simple as heading to a participating casino and clicking on the Dash logo (if it’s in the list of payment providers accepted). As stated above, you’ll need to log into your chosen wallet and authorize the payment.


  1. Dash is quick and easy to use – transactions are virtually instantaneous.
  2. You can make payments using Dash and your wallet from anywhere – providing your casino is taking part and allows deposits from your territory.
  3. Dash payments are virtually anonymous, so there is no need to worry about money traces.
  4. There are many different wallets and programs you can use to store and spend the currency.
  5. It has a growing fanbase, meaning more casinos accepting Dash are likely to pop up in the future.


Betting with Dash, while not commonplace online, is growing ever more popular. Some sportsbooks and online casinos already accept the currency outright, while others are still positioning themselves to accept more popular crypto as the payment standards enter the mainstream. Cryptocurrency is becoming ever more commonplace in general at casinos worldwide, and it’s worth anticipating a boom in Dash-participating sites in the years to come.