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Dec 21, 2023

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Did Bird of Thunder create a flap with our VIP expert?

Created by experienced provider Habanero, 2017’s Bird of Thunder slot is an excellent choice for players interested in engaging themes and solid gameplay. The slot has quite a bit to offer, from the game mechanics to the title’s visuals, which are polished and revolve around Native American lore and scenery. It is definitely a quintessential Habanero release with exciting spins and an appealing design. 

Overall rating

Birds of Thunder’s fun experience begins with a solid foundation. The game offers players an RTP of 96.06%, which is a bit higher than average, along with a maximum win of 20,890x. Players play on a standard 5×3 grid with 30 paylines with a bet range of 0.30 to 7,500, making it fit for casual players along with big spenders.

This article explores Birds of Thunder’s gameplay, bonus features and VIP rating.

Bird of Thunder Features

Bird of Thunder offers players a host of exciting bonus features ranging from a progressive jackpot to free spins and a variety of bonus symbols. Let’s take a look at some of the popular bonus features that slot fans are sure to love.

Progressive jackpot

Players can unlock a Bird of Thunder progressive jackpot that increases with every spin. The more you wager each round, the better chance you have of winning it. This is not the safest betting option given the high wagers required to optimize your chances of winning, but the jackpot certainly offers the potential for a big win.

Free spins and scatters

Free spins and scatter symbols go hand in hand in Bird of Thunder. Landing enough scatter totems can trigger the free spins round. This awards players a base of 10 free spins, but landing additional scatters can award even more. 


While Bird of Thunder’s free spins and scatter mechanics are predictable, its wild symbols are a bit more interesting. The slot awards players with expanding wilds in the form of thunderbirds that fly around the grid. They are triggered during the free spins round, adding an additional layer of exciting potential wins to the bonus feature. Players can also enjoy more familiar wild mechanics as well, in the form of non-flying and non-expandable thunderbirds that can land on any reel.


Bird of Thunder is a fun game with solid gameplay and great graphics. While the game is not the most unique, we actually count that as one of the title’s brightest points. Players will find the mechanics familiar and comfortable, and the low volatility means that players are never in for too many rollercoasters during their spins. Each spin will be exciting but not completely unpredictable. 

We give Bird of Thunder a 78% VIP rating and think that it might be a good choice for crypto game players looking for a familiar gameplay experience with the potential for progressive jackpot wins.

Bird of Thunder FAQs

Who created Bird of Thunder?

Bird of Thunder was created by Habanero. The online slot industry has plenty of impressive names behind popular slots, but few are as long-lasting and prolific as Habanero. The company is known for explosive games with impeccable visuals, and Bird of Thunder is certainly no exception. 

When was Bird of Thunder released?

Bird of Thunder was first released in 2017. Despite the years the title has spent on the market, it looks just as fresh and well-designed as it did when it was first released. The developers behind the title used polished and timeless visuals paired with exciting gameplay, and as such, the slot is aging quite nicely.

How do you play Bird of Thunder?

Bird of Thunder is easy to play. As with most slots, simply load the game, set your bet amount and start spinning! There are a few bonus features to keep in mind before you get started, however, including the game’s free spins round and progressive jackpot. Big Thunder players have the chance to win free spins as well as the potential to land a progressive jackpot, which is always an exciting prospect. 

Alycia Gondocs

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