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Dec 21, 2023

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Is your tooth sweet enough for Candy Burst?

If you suffer from a sweet tooth or love sweets and candy, then Candy Burst could be the game for you. Building on the worldwide success of sweet-based games such as Candy Crush Saga, Candy Burst first started appearing in casinos in May 2019. A game full of toffees, swirls, and gobstoppers, this bright and colorful game with its fun backing soundtrack can be played anywhere. The game’s design, responsiveness, and build make it effective on mobile and standard desktops. 

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With Candy Burst, the action never stops, with players attempting to unlock multiple combinations to achieve the best payouts possible. Candy Burst is a game played on a 6×6 board and is based on a Cluster Win format. A Cluster Win format means that there are no payout lines, and instead, players achieve wins if four or more of the same symbols touch in any way. The successful touching of the four symbols will lead to the symbols exploding and new symbols appearing. This allows the player to win multiple times within one spin. The cluster can be achieved in all sorts of different ways and is a little bit like Tetris, with the cluster able to be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and even across different rows.

The stake limits for Candy Burst range from $0.20 to $50.

Candy Burst Features

Cascading Wins

Candy Burst’s Cluster structure makes the game fast and energetic, and players have the option to choose a stake that will be bet against 25 possible paylines. These 25 paylines will remain consistent across every spin.

Cascading Wins are present in the game. Simply put, if a player achieves a cluster, these symbols will disappear and be replaced by new ones. These new symbols will give the player a new opportunity for further wins within the same spin, adding to the overall total that a player can win.

Special symbols

To boost a player’s potential winnings, Candy Burst has three different symbols that help create further clusters. These are:

Gummy rocket – the minimum number of symbols needed to be touched for a win is four. However, there is no set limit to how many symbols need to touch to make a cluster. If there is a cluster of five, this will trigger a gummy rocket. Once the rocket appears, it will blast off and explode all the symbols in either its row or column, creating numerous clusters on the way.

Chocolate bomb – if a cluster of six is achieved, it will trigger the chocolate bomb symbol. The chocolate bomb will explode all the symbols surrounding it when activated, earning the player even more returns. 

Mystery sweet – if a player achieves a cluster of seven or more, the player will achieve the mystery sweet symbol. The mystery sweet will generate into another symbol on the board, and once selected, all symbols that match with the mystery sweet will explode, giving the player plenty of winnings back. 

If there are multiple sweets in play, the entire board might be in danger with the potential of an explosion that completely cleans the board. If this happens, the player can expect to receive huge returns.

Free spins

Candy Burst doesn’t offer any bonus or spin activation games, but it does give the player the opportunity of free spins. Three gummy bears ‘scatter’ symbols need to be on the board during a spin for free spins to be activated. If a free game is activated, the player will receive ten free spins before returning to the main game. A multiplier of 2x will be in place during the free spins, with any candy burst features (gummy rocket, chocolate bomb, mystery sweet) multiplied 10x.

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Candy Burst Slot is a fun game and is the perfect title for experienced slot players or players who are new to slot games, Candy Burst’s friendly interface and relative simplicity make the game easy to follow and understand. 

The game is fast and frenetic, and due to the cluster structure and cascading wins, a big payout never seems too far away. The features such as the gummy rocket, chocolate bomb, and mystery sweet significantly add to the game and, when unlocked, make it dramatic and entertaining.

Despite the clusters and special features that the customer can activate, it does feel a shame that a bonus or spin activation game isn’t offered. The game does have the ‘free spins’ feature in its favor, but it’s a hard one to activate, so most of the time, the player will be left playing the main game. After a while, the lack of options available to the player can make the game become a little monotonous.

Candy Burst FAQ

What is the max win in the slot Candy Burst? 

Bets can range from $0.20 to $50.

How do you win Candy Burst?

By achieving a cluster of at least four. There is no set limit to how many symbols are needed to make a cluster, with clusters of 5, 6 and 7 all unlocking special features.

Is there a bonus game? 

There isn’t a bonus game, but a player can activate 15 free spins if they achieve a combination of three ‘scatter’ symbols.

Anastasia Shamko

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