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Dec 21, 2023

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A gem from the far East

Macau is known as the Vegas of the East, located on the right-hand side of China. Macau has quickly established itself as one of the premier gambling hubs in all of the world. Macau is a place where hundreds of thousands of gamblers migrate each year in the hope they will strike it lucky and bring new fortune to their lives. 

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How to play Dreams of Macau with crypto

Dreams of Macau Slot is a game that attempts to bring the feel of Macau to you through either your phone or desktop. This slots game greets you with symbols of exotic women, luxury cars and watches, as well as suitcases stashed full of cash. The game aims to match symbols across the reel, with the different types of symbols each paying out different values. 

Dreams of Macau first emerged online back in 2020 and is a slot game of the future. Players don’t bet on the number of lines; instead, each spin will throw up a unique number of ways to win. There is a whopping 7,200 ways to win! Each spin of the wheel resets, and new combinations and payment opportunities are provided with every turn. The fewest ways to win that one spin can generate are 2,205, with the maximum being 32,490.

The game is played amidst a catchy soundtrack, and the graphics for the game are amongst the very best. Stakes can vary between $0.20 and $20 per spin.

Dreams of Macau Features

Cascading wins

As stated earlier in our review, players don’t bet lines when playing Dreams of Macau. Instead, wins are based on combinations, with the game offering cascading wins. This means that when a winning combination has come into effect, these winning symbols are replaced by brand new symbols that allow the player to win multiple times with just one spin. Depending on the outcome of the new symbols, the cascading feature can produce some hefty returns.


A key contributor to the special features is the appearance of wilds. Wilds are a common symbol in the game and allow players to increase their combinations by completing a winning combination. A wild is essentially a wildcard and can translate into any symbol that is required. As the game develops, wilds always remain a consistent feature.

Sticky Wilds on the Way

Sticky wilds are an enhancement on the standard wilds that are placed throughout the game. These wilds can occupy up to four positions on the board and will have a silver border placed around them. After the reels cascade, these symbols will then turn to gold-framed symbols. Then, if the reels cascade again, these symbols will turn into wilds. The wild will have a number on it which shows the number of times the wild can be used in a win before it’s destroyed.

Free spins

Unfortunately, there isn’t a bonus game when it comes to Dreams of Macau, but there is the option of earning free spins, which can add some added earnings to the player’s game. A free spin is activated if four scatter symbols appear on the board following a spin. If the free spin feature is unlocked, a player will have the opportunity to earn fifteen free spins. The free spin session will start with a multiplier of x 1, but this multiplier will increase by one with every successful spin. There is the option of increasing the number of spins if scatter symbols are present during the spins in the free spins.


Dreams of Macau is a great game to play, and its soundtrack and friendly interface make it one of the better games around. 

Unlike some other rival bitcoin slot games, stakes starting as low as 0.20 truly make this a game for everybody. The inclusion of wilds, sticky wilds and free spins provide plenty of opportunities for the player to earn significant wins. It is also a game that continually adapts through the ways system, and that’s entertaining as the payouts a player can receive will vary from game to game.

Some of the best slot games have bonus features or spin activation games, which Dreams of Macau doesn’t have. Although the free spins are worth the wait, you do have to potentially have staked a fair bit to reach the free spin area. During this time, the game can become slightly monotonous, so the game doesn’t quite hit top marks.

Dreams of Macau FAQ

What is the maximum stake that can be wagered? 

Bets can range from $0.20 to $20 per spin.

How do you win? 

Through the use of winning combinations. Winning combinations will be replaced by new symbols and the cascading nature of the game can see numerous returns off just one spin.

Is there a bonus game? 

There isn’t a bonus game.

Can the game be played on mobiles? 

Yes, the responsiveness of the game allows for it to be played on mobiles, so you can take Dreams of Macau whether you go.

Alycia Gondocs

The free games afficionado


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