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Dec 21, 2023

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A slot game based on an unknown Dutch comedy film?!

However, unless you happened to have been born in the Netherlands in the 1980s or have an intimate knowledge of somewhat obscure Dutch pop culture, you might not have come across ‘Flodder’ before.

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If you fall into this category, Flodder is a nationally popular but internationally obscure comedy written and directed by famed Dutch director Dick Maas. This 1986 classic was the first in a three-part series, which also spawned a spin-off series.

The 1986 film followed the Flodder clan. This dysfunctional family moves to an affluent, upper-class neighborhood as part of a social experiment, which — as you might have expected — results in a series of wild escapades. At the time, Flodder was a politically incorrect comedy which looked to satirize and comment upon the perceived excesses of the welfare state.

But how does this translate into a crypto slot game two decades into the 2000s?

The answer to this question is simple: surprisingly well!

Despite the source material being relatively old, Red Tiger has done an excellent job of adapting this obscure bit of Dutch pop culture for the online slot world. The 2022 version of Flodder is a surprisingly good rework of this franchise. Thanks to some engaging game mechanics, cartoonish art direction and big bonuses, this might be a sleeper hit for 2022!

But what else does the Flodder slot have to offer players?

Flodder Features

In terms of the bonus features on offer, despite not being the most feature-packed slot we have come across, Flodder still has plenty on offer to keep players engaged. Let’s take a look at what some of these bonuses are!

Grandpa Flodder

If you get lucky, the Grandpa Flodder feature will activate on any base game spin. If you land this, the Grandpa Flodder symbol will make its way across the screen, violently waving his stick off into the distance! This will trigger the Grandpa Flodder sequence with between two and 12 wild symbols being added to the reels as a result.

Free spins for big wins!

As you have come to expect from the vast majority of 5×3 slots out there, Flodder has plenty of free spins up for grabs if your luck pans out!

How to play Flodder with crypto at a bitcoin casino

Players will trigger the free spin feature when three pink Cadillac symbols — the Flodder’s signature car — appear on any base game spin. If you win 10 free spins, between three and five scatters will result in three to five picks. You are then given the option to pick from 20 bottles, which results in special modifiers being up for grabs!

Flodder mobile: How does it stack up?

As you have come to expect from Red Tiger, Flodder is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Regardless of whether you want to play from the comfort of your own home or get a game in on the go, Flodder has you covered!

Flodder is powered by HTML5, which means there is no need to download a dedicated app. Instead, the Flodder slot game will automatically re-size to whatever device you are using. The 5×3 slot layout works particularly well on mobile devices.

Despite being based on a relatively obscure film and TV franchise that few outside the Netherlands might recognize, Flodder is a fun and exciting slot that really stands on its own. In terms of what Flodder has to offer, there is a lot to love!

This includes plenty of Flodder free spins and other bonuses. Although the selection of bonuses is relatively modest, the Flodder free spins help to keep things lively, as do the multipliers.


Despite not taking any major risks in terms of game design or the gameplay mechanics, Flodder is a perfectly capable translation of an obscure 1980s TV and film franchise. The fact that they could turn something so obscure into something so fun and enjoyable, speaks volumes about the talented bunch over at Red Tiger!

Flodder FAQ

What is the Flodder RTP?

The Flodder slot game has an RTP of around 95.75%. Although by no means the highest RTP we have come across, this is what we would expect for a 5×3 slot game. Generally, we would recommend sticking to games with an RTP of around 95% or higher, so Flodder makes the cut!

Does Flodder have any bonus features?

Yes! Flodder has several bonus features that can be activated during play. This includes a unique Flodder Grandpa feature, as well as more Flodder free spins than you can shake a stick at! Although Flodder does not have quite as many bonus features as some of the other games we have reviewed, the Flodder slot still has enough on offer to keep most users occupied.

Can you play Flodder for free?

Yes! Red Tiger has made a full-featured demo version available for free. The Flodder demo has all the same features as the paid version. We recommend trying it out for free before committing any funds to the paid version!

Is there a Flodder mobile app?

Red Tiger has developed Flodder using HTML5 technology, so the Flodder slot will automatically scale to whatever mobile device you are using without the need to download a dedicated mobile app. We prefer this to having a standalone mobile app as it allows you to keep your mobile device free of unnecessary clutter!

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