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Dec 21, 2023

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Get ready for a great time with Habanero and take a bite out of this juicy slot. The provider is jumping on the trend of retro slots with Hot Hot Fruit, a classic fruit game full of delicious wins and simple but colorful graphics. The title is full of nostalgia for the simpler days of yore when the world was a bit less complicated and games were a bit more cheerful. 

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How to play Hot Hot Fruit with crypto

Dating back to the late 19th century, slot machines have been a popular part of American pop culture for well over 100 years. The first of these was created in Brooklyn, New York, in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt, although this was more a precursor to the machine now known as a slot machine. The more well-known example of the first slot machine might be Charles Fey’s “Liberty Bell,” a game developed some time between 1895 and 1887 in San Francisco. Whichever you count as the very first of these ubiquitous machines, the genre quickly became a staple of the gambling industry around the world. And, until rather recently, the majority of them were “fruit slots” – slots with simple graphics depicting fruits and straightforward gameplay. 

Luckily for newer players, retro games have come back into style, and popular developers are taking advantage of the trend to release well-designed games full of nostalgia. This is exactly what Habanero has done with Hot Hot Fruit, a 5×3 fruit machine slot with 15 paylines and a max win of 25,000 coins. Filled with classic charm, this volatile game is a great free slot fit for players interested in risky spins where nothing is guaranteed. Players can also wager between €0.15 and €3,000, an excellent range that should suit casual players as well as those interested in more exciting play. Hot Hot Fruit’s theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.74%, a respectable number even if not the most impressive we have ever seen. 

How to Play Hot Hot Fruit

Hot Hot Fruit’s bonus features offer players an exciting mix of free spins, multipliers and wilds designed to keep them on their toes every round. 


Wilds are symbolized by colorful icons consisting of an eye-catching blue and purple swirl background and the word “WILD” emblazoned across it in bold red and orange hues. These symbols can replace any of the paying symbols to help increase players’ chances of landing big wins. Outside of that, the wilds do not pay on their own. 

Landing enough symbols on the board at any given time, of course, comes with its own benefits. 

Free spins

Players lucky enough to land three or more wilds, be it right to left or left to right, receive six free spins as the free spin round commences. If they are lucky enough to land three or more of these symbols in a winning combination with wilds traveling both left to right and right to left, that number doubles to 12 spins!

Hot Hot feature

The titular “Hot Hot feature” can be activated on any spin. All symbols are doubled while this feature is in play, meaning that every symbol on the board counts as two symbols. This makes it possible win with as many as 10 symbols, with doubles on all of the five spots that make up a win line. 

Hot Hot Fruit is a lot of fun to play! The theme is super enjoyable, with the design offering just the right amount of nostalgia in its artwork as well as its gameplay. Hot Hot Fruit is a simple slot, and players are unlikely to run into anything new or exciting. However, the game is an excellent example of a classic fruit machine title with some added pizzaz thanks to its excellent bonus features. The free spins round is especially exciting, and while the number of spins players can win is limited, the round is lucrative nonetheless. 

The gameplay is not new or innovative, but it is a solid fruit slot experience. Players might not find it a great fit if what they are after is new and unusual gameplay. However, those with the right expectations will likely enjoy Hot Hot Fruit quite a bit. What few bonus features are present are well done, and the game’s RTP makes it a great choice to try out. Enthusiasts and new players alike will find this juicy slot a refreshing breath of fresh air.


With all of that said, Hot Hot Fruit is not the most polished game on the market. But even this works in the title’s favor given the retro theme. 

Hot Hot Fruit FAQ

Can I play Hot Hot Fruit on a mobile phone?

Yes, you can play Hot Hot Fruit on mobile! Habanero has optimized the game for both desktop and mobile screens, including smartphones and tablets. That means that quality bitcoin casinos will offer the game for play on different devices.

Can I play Hot Hot Fruit for free?

You can play Hot Hot Fruit for free depending on where you play. VIP Coin offers Hot Hot Fruit demo mode, which allows users to try out free play before they start playing for real money regardless of their bet level. Not all online operators offer demo versions of their games, so make sure you pick one that not only has the titles you want to play but also the mode you want to try. 

Can I win real money playing Hot Hot Fruit?

You can win real money playing Hot Hot Fruit! The most important tip to keep in mind is to play with an online casino that offers the game in demo mode so that you can try it before you bet cash. 

Sian Roberts

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