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Dec 21, 2023

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How lucky is this cat?

Lucky Neko takes you on a journey to Japan for this hugely entertaining slot game. Lucky Neko is a cat; as Japanese culture deems cats as lucky emblems. This slot looks for the player to match at least three symbols to return winnings.

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How to play Lucky Neko with cryptocurrency

Lucky Neko is a relatively new slot game, making its first appearances in casinos in the summer of 2020. It is a game with a fascinating layout with the action taking place across a board that consists of six reels, four rows, and a maximum of forty paylines. What makes Lucky Neko unique is its unique Gigablox feature. The provider is Yggdrasil, and Lucky Neko’s RTP is an impressive 96.40.

The Gigablox feature is the key to the game; rather than the game consisting of symbols consistent and the same size, the Gigabloxs can see symbols take proportions of 2×2, 4×4, or even 5×5. The increased size of these blocks is designed to enhance customer wins. The presence of the massive Gigabloxs can give the board a lopsided feel. But it’s the Gigabloxs size and existence which make Lucky Neko a unique game.

The game’s responsiveness and design mean it’s perfect for mobiles as well as traditional desktops, meaning that Lucky Neko can be played anywhere. Stakes for Lucky Neko range from $0.08 to $100.

Lucky Neko features

Matching symbols

Unlike some games with cascading wins or different ways to win, Lucky Neko is a simple game that requires the player to match at least three symbols on the board. The assistance of Gigabloxs looks to increase the likelihood of a win. There are up to forty paylines in place for every spin. The maximum possible return from the game is 6953 x the original stake.


As stressed earlier, Lucky Neko is a simple game that is easy to follow and play. On the board, aside from the Gigabloxs, little else happens except the wilds. The wild in Lucky Neko is Neko himself. If Neko appears, he will be potentially substituted for another symbol, giving a player a winning combination.

Free spins

Lucky Neko doesn’t offer any bonus or spin activation games but does offer the player the opportunity of free spins. Five lucky cats ‘scatter’ symbols must be on the board during a spin for free spins to activate. It’s in the free game area where this game comes to life.

The number of free spins is activated by the amount of scatter symbols on the board when activated. These will range from five to ten. When taken to the free spin area, the game board will increase in size, moving away from the 6 x 6 size present during standard play instead of becoming a 6 x 8 board. The increase in board size opens the number of paylines from 40 to 85. The Gigabloxs will also increase in size, with some reaching as big as 6 x 6.

At the start of every free spin round, a symbol will become randomly blessed. When part of a winning combination, this symbol will see a multiplier of x 5 applied to it. There are various symbols in the game, all applying different payout returns. The blessed one will remain active until all the free spins are complete. There is also the opportunity to earn more free spins during the spins themselves as the scatter symbols will remain present during the free spin rounds.

Lucky Neko is a great game to play and, visually, one of the most appealing of our free crypto games due to the uniqueness of the Gigabloxs. The Gigabloxs and their dramatic size make this a one-of-a-kind game.

Unlike some other rival slot games, Lucky Neko slots offer stakes starting as low as 10p make this a game for everybody. The game centers around the free spins, and although it can be a difficult feature to unlock (five scatter symbols are needed to activate the free spins), it’s great that the game offers even more incentive once there. It’s fantastic that the reels increase, and the odds of a big win increase due to the payout lines extending from 40 to 85.


Some of the best slot games have bonus features or spin activation games, which Lucky Neko doesn’t have. Although the free spins are worth the wait, you have to potentially have staked a fair bit to reach the free spin area. During this time, despite the huge Gigablox, the game can appear slightly monotonous, which is why it doesn’t quite hit top marks.

Lucky Neko FAQ

What is the maximum stake that can be wagered? 

Bets can range from 0.10 up to 100.

How do you win? 

By matching at least three symbols across the board. There are up to forty winning lines in standard play, whilst in the free game area, the winning lines increase to 85.

Is there a bonus game? 

There isn’t a bonus game, but a player can activate fifteen free spins if five scatter symbols appear on the board at any one time.

Can the game be played on mobiles? 

Yes, the game responsiveness allows for play on mobiles, so you can take Lucky Neko wherever you go.

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