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Dec 21, 2023

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Does this game conquer all?

Travel back in time and experience the glory of Sparta and its elite warriors with respected slot developer Habanero. Released in 2016, Sparta is a slot with the style and wonder befitting such a venerable society. Infamous for defeating Athens with their incredible military force consisting of men trained from age seven, Sparta has inspired countless movies and other bits of media over the centuries. The name is recognized by most in the West. In fact, many people around the world will know at least a little about the civilization. Habanero has capitalized on the kingdom’s staying power with their eponymous slot. 

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How to play Sparta with crypto

In a rather unique decision, Habanero has designed the game with the idea of “spartan” aesthetics in mind. While other games sometimes play up the visuals of warriors at work, Sparta instead presents a more authentic image. The slot features a semi-opaque white background through which the hint of rough stone can be seen. This is true of the grid itself as well, with round symbols sitting against a flat white background with an outline of natural rock illuminating the artwork. Most of the icons also match this theme. However, the higher-paying symbols are the exception. These icons feature full-color designs with bold colors, both of which are nice additions to an otherwise simple design. 

Sparta slot is a five-reel, three-row game offering 25 paylines. The spins themselves might not be graphically notable, but the incredible bet range is certainly worth a look. Players can wager from €0.01 to €5,000, making the game a perfect fit for players who like to wager on the safe side as well as those who prefer to bet big. The game is not very volatile, with an RTP of 96.05%. 

How to Play Sparta

Sparta’s bonus features are far lusher and more opulent than the game’s aesthetics might lead players to believe. Wilds, bonus symbols, free spins and a progressive jackpot are among the most popular bonus options the slot has to offer. 

Wilds and bonus symbols

Spinning the reels offers players an enhanced chance of big wins thanks to Sparta’s wild symbol. Depicted by a stern-faced warrior, the wild symbol can substitute for any of the other symbols in the game to help you land better combinations for bigger payouts. In addition, when wilds are included in a winning combination, the warriors expand and cover the entire reel. 

Another symbol to watch for is the trebuchet. This is the bonus symbol, and landing three or more of them will trigger both the bonus game and the free spins round. The bonus game consists of picking shields to turn over, which will, in turn, reveal exactly how many free spins players receive to kick off the round.

Free spins

In addition to the obvious addition of free spins, the free spins round also triples any prizes such as those given out during the free bonus game. Aside from this, the round plays out as might be expected. 

Progressive jackpot

Last but not least, Sparta’s progressive jackpot is perhaps the most popular bonus feature in the game. It should be noted that while the bonus accrues normally, it is awarded randomly. There is no specific gameplay goal players must meet in order to win big, in other words, and the anticipation of the unexpected makes the spins even more exciting. 

Sparta ended up being quite entertaining. Not much of that interest was derived from the game’s graphic design, however, with the aesthetics being clever but not overly appealing. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with the design – it is just not overly exciting to watch. The symbols are the sole exception here. The colorful graphics serve as much-needed relief in the face of otherwise-oppressive hues of white and gray. 

Beyond the aesthetics, Sparta offers solid, if not rather predictable, gameplay. The bonus features are implemented well and certainly offer players plenty of potential for big wins, but there is nothing novel here that might surprise you. The random progressive jackpot is certainly fun, on the other hand, offering players the chance to potentially win without spending much money on spins at all. If you are a fan of interesting design choices and familiar gameplay, you might find Sparta to be just right. 


Sparta does not have the same level of visual intrigue offered by other slots. In fact, even older titles offer more interesting artwork. The big wins are much appreciated, however, and we think that the gameplay mechanics are more important than art style. If a good slot experience is what you are after, Sparta is sure to capture your interest. 

Sparta FAQ

Can I play Sparta on my mobile phone?

You can play Sparta on mobile phones! Habanero understands that today’s players want to take their favorite games with them wherever they go so that they can play Sparta while out and about. As long as you play with a reputable crypto casino offering seamless mobile play, you should have no trouble running Sparta on your smartphone.

Can I play Sparta for free?

Free play is an option with Sparta. The game has a demo mode that allows players to play without risking real money. However, not every online casino allows its players to access this kind of gameplay option. Players should look for online casino operators that make free slot demos easily accessible. 

Can I win real money playing Sparta?

If you bet real money, then you can win real money with Sparta. Note that it is not possible to win real money on demo spins. This is true no matter how well the free play goes!

Anastasia Shamko

Our free slot game completist


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