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Dec 16, 2023

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For any traveler, Thailand is usually high up on the list of places to visit and there is good reason for this! After all, who doesn’t dream of losing themselves in the vibrant urban metropolis of Bangkok, or basking in the lush forests of Chiang Mai?

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Thai Flowers Megaways Free Play - Full Demo Available at VIPCoin Casino

Thankfully, you don’t have to take a day-long flight to experience all Thailand has to offer with this title from Blueprint Gaming!

Clearly, roving travelers and students on gap years aren’t the only ones who have found themselves entranced by Thailand. Based on this game, Blueprint Gaming clearly has a lot of love for this South East Asian paradise!

In terms of what this title has to offer, while it might not look like anything out of the ordinary, once you get a few rounds of play under your belt you will start to get a sense of what makes it so much fun to play! What it lacks in ‘wow factor’ compared to some of the other titles out there, Thai Flower Megaways more than makes up for in terms of playability!

With that said, let’s take a closer look at exactly what Thai Flower Megaways has to offer!


In terms of the gaming experience on offer, Thai Flower Megaways is a 6×5 slot with a 96.12% RTP and medium-high volatility. This makes for an eminently playable game which will feel familiar yet suitably engaging.

Although the Thai Flower Megaways game is in many respects a standard 6×5 slot, there are just enough features to keep you engaged without overloading you. Let’s take a look at what some of these unique selling points are.

Thai Flowers Megaways Free Play - Full Demo Available at VIPCoin Casino

Stripped down graphics that still dazzle

One impressive feature with by the Thai Flowers Megaways demo, was that despite being relatively simple, the audio-visuals still manage to impress.

This is all thanks to the development team over at Blueprint Gaming who have created a perfectly lightweight slot game that still packs a punch when it comes to graphics. There are wonderfully rendered symbols adorning every reel, which are set against a lush and bucolic Thai countryside scene.

Free spins

Although the Thai Flowers Megaways slot isn’t exactly packed with extra features, we were glad to see that plenty of opportunities to score free spins were included. The free spins feature is triggered when you land three or more flower symbols. Depending on the combination you score, you can win 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins when there are three, four, five or six flowers on display.

Mobile friendly

One of the great things about Thai Flower Megaways is that it is perfectly adapted to both mobile and desktop devices. Regardless of how you choose to play it, you will be able to benefit from the same playing experience.

We were particularly impressed with how little slowdown we experienced on the mobile version of Thai Flowers Megaways, which is helped by the fact that it is a relatively lightweight game. We also didn’t run into any weird scaling issues, which is a persistent problem in the industry.

This is one free slot demo which can be played equally well from the comfort of your own home or during a morning commute.

Thai Flowers Megaways Free Play Rating

Having spent some time with the Thai Flower Megaways demo, we were surprisingly impressed with the package that Blueprint Gaming has put together. Despite not being the most feature-packed slot ever, there is still plenty on offer to keep you occupied!

This includes gorgeous graphics which are lush without being overdone, familiar yet engaging gameplay mechanics, and plenty of free spins to keep the action moving along.

This is very much on par with what we have come to expect from Blueprint Gaming, so it is good to see that the standard hasn’t dropped with recent releases!

If you are looking for a simple slot that delivers plenty of fun and can keep you occupied for a few hours, Thai Flower Megaways could be just what you are looking for. Try Thai Flower Megaways freeplay today to see how it stacks up!

Thai Flowers Megaways Free Play FAQs

Who is Blueprint Gaming?

Blueprint Gaming is a Malta-based iGaming company that has been churning out fun and highly playable online casino games for almost two decades. Blueprint has released hundreds of high-quality titles in this time and is one of the leading iGaming developers around!

What is the Thai Flower Megaways RTP?

Currently, Thai Flower Megaways has an RTP of around 95 to 96%. This is about what we would expect to see from a Megaways slot of this type, so you can be confident that it is worth your while trying out.

Is there a free to play version of Thai Flowers Megaways?

Yes! There is a Thai Flower Megaways freeplay version right here at VIPCoin Casino which gives you access to a full-featured demo. This is a great way to try out what the game has to offer before committing any funds!

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