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Dec 15, 2023

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What’s the secret behind Evolution’s wildly popular live casino game show, Crazy Time? Great dealers, bright set design, exciting bonus rounds – yep, it’s got all of those. But, lets be honest, it’s those insane big wins that keep us watching for just one more spin. In this part of the Crazy Time VIP Guide, we look at some of the luckiest winners ever.

Launched in 2020, Crazy Time is one of the best live casino game shows on the market. The show was developed by Evolution Gaming, one of the top providers in the industry and well-known for its quality live casino games. Despite its rather limited time on the market, Crazy Time has amassed quite the following, and that’s really no surprise given its win potential. The show has some truly exciting wins over the nearly three years (as of the time of writing) it has been live.

Of course, wins alone don’t account for all of the show’s loyal fans. Crazy Time’s design choices are another reason why it has become such a popular title. From the bright colors to the classic ‘game show’ accouterments, such as a big, ostentatious wheel and flashing lights, the show was created to attract fans. Every show is exciting, with skilled hosts navigating the bonus games and players seamlessly.

Would you like to learn more about Crazy Time? If so, then our VIP guide to Crazy Time winners has all of the information you should know about the game, its biggest wins, and the kind of money that players can expect.


What would a guide about Crazy Time be without a breakdown of how this game of chance awards its loyal fans? There have been a surprising number of wins on this wheel-based game, but we have selected just the top five of them to explore below. We’ll give you all of the details to help you better understand why the huge winners of the game keep coming back for more. 

5. Respectable win of €352,742

VIP Guide to Crazy Time Biggest Winners

We kick off the countdown with the fifth-highest win – which already opens proceedings with a huge €352,742 payout! This mega win occurred on 6th January 2021 and involved a grand total of 573 Crazy Time winners of Cash Hunt.

Something to note before we move on is that there is usually not just a single lucky player in the show. Instead, groups of players win the online crypto casino game show. When you see the total funds paid out, in other words, keep reading to see how many lucky players were present at the time and the final payout per player.

The Cash Hunt landed on a 12,500x multiplier on a 25x slot, yielding €352,742 in winnings. This translates to about €615 per person! This is the highest per-person win on our list, even if the total amount paid out is the lowest. It all goes to show that cash to players doesn’t depend as much on the total amount paid out as it does on the number of players sharing the winnings.

4. Incredible win of €832,643

VIP Guide to Crazy Time Biggest Winners

On 28th December 2021, players landed the fourth-highest win. This is the last jackpot on our list under €1m, but it’s nothing to scoff at.

Cash Hunt was the trigger of choice for this win, again, with a 12,500x multiplier on a 25x slot. The total amount of money paid out to 3,045 winners was €832,643, netting winners roughly €273 each.

3. Exciting win of €1,919,939

VIP Guide to Crazy Time Biggest Winners

The next win comes from – you guessed it – Cash Hunt! The game was won on 20th January 2022, when the multiplier-packed live game show surprised players with some hefty pocket change to improve their days.

The win was triggered when the Cash Hunt landed on a 12,500x multiplier on a 25x slot. The mega winner group size? 5,160 players splitting a respectable €1,919,939 between them. This comes out to about €372 per player, a slightly higher amount than the outcome of the second-highest win.

2. Eye-watering win of €2,294,106

VIP Guide to Crazy Time Biggest Winners

The next highest win occurred on 7th November 2022. It was triggered by none other than Cash Hunt, the most common of the bonus rounds included in this top five list, when a 12,500x multiplier hit the board.

The result of this lucky round was an impressive payout of €2,294,106 to 6,913 winners. This translates to roughly €310 per Crazy Time player! Not quite as lucrative as the top win, but still a nice haul for a game with so many avid players.

1. Top win of €2,815,169

The top Crazy Time win so far was triggered by Cash Hunt, one of the show’s amazing bonus games, on 11th December 2022. This particular game has yielded some of the most lucrative bonus rounds in the show’s history, including every entry on our list.

The win went down like this: first, the slot landed with a 50x on Cash Hunt, and the wheel landed just seconds later confirming a Cash Hunt bonus game. As players crossed their fingers and hoped for the best, Cash Hunt landed on a 25,000x multiplier!

The result of the bonus game was an eye-watering amount of €2,815,169 paid out to 5,512 winners. That’s around €510 per person! Not a bad Crazy Time payout for a winning group of nearly 6,000 players!


When can a player such as yourself expect an exciting win on Crazy Time? The answer is complicated. While Crazy Time score trackers offer estimates about projected win dates, there is no real way to determine the exact date of big wins. Let’s now discuss what score trackers are and what they really mean. 

If you search online, you are certain to find a few Crazy Time trackers. This is because the game is a popular one, as we discussed above, and everyone wants a leg up on the competition. It is important to note that these trackers do not guarantee a win date, but rather use Crazy Time stats to estimate a future win based on past wins. 

Some of the factors that Crazy Time trackers consider when estimating the next possible win date include the following:

  • Most recent highest multipliers
  • Last spin history
  • Past biggest wins
  • Consecutive spins missed
  • Most recent results of bonus round wins
  • Average wins per bonus round

What does all of this mean, and how does it translate into your chances of winning big? Remember that these averages are just that: averages. They are compiled from many rounds over a set period of time. Players interested in estimating when they can expect a bonus game to drop an exciting win, for example, will likely look at a long-term overview of the game for a year or more. This will give the most accurate picture of the average wait times between these wins as well as the average payout amount and the number of winning players. There is no guarantee that you will experience these averages yourself – some game rounds are better than others, and some players see better spins than others. This should only form a theoretical basis for your betting time. 

If you are more interested in how the game has been performing over the past 24 hours or less, then there are also trackers for that! These short-term historical trackers can be helpful for players looking for a relevant betting strategy that they can design around real-time (or recent-time) statistics. 

The best way to take advantage of Crazy Time stats and the trackers that collate them is to use the information to compare actual win amounts and frequencies vs. manufacturer-announced theoretical wins. This can help players to temper their expectations and give them an idea about what kind of wins they might land as they play. 

Crazy Time Big Winner FAQs

What is the max win on Crazy Time?

While the exact maximum win you can receive depends upon how much money you are wagering as well as how many other players also win, gamblers stand to land some impressive victories. As you can see in the rest of the article, the game is capable of paying out millions and has done so multiple times in the past.

How do you win every time on Crazy Time?

No one can guarantee a win on Crazy Time, and if anyone promises that they can, they are, at best, mistaken. The game is highly based on chance and luck, just like other casino games. This means that while you can do things such as learn strategies to maximize your budget and improve your chances of winning, you might still leave the session with no wins under your belt.

What is the biggest win on Crazy Time?

At the time of writing, the biggest win on Crazy Time is €2,815,169 paid out to 5,512 winners. The win occurred on the ‘Crazy Time’ bonus round when players won an unexpected 25,000x spin – an impressive win, to be sure, and one that paid out hundreds of dollars to each winner despite the staggering number of them.

What is the highest Crazy Time multiplier?

The maximum multiplier you can win on Crazy Time is 25,000x during the Cash Hunt bonus game. The bonus game is an easy one to play! Players pick a spot on a giant wall of icons (behind which, unseen to players, are many multipliers), shoot at it, and wait for the wall to reveal the multipliers. That’s it!

How do you win big on Crazy Time?

Winning big on Crazy Time is a combination of luck and strategy. Taking time to study the game and learn its ins and outs can help you make smart choices, but even then, you will need a hefty dose of luck to land a substantial win.

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