Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2022

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Dec 18, 2023

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Whether you’re a fresh enthusiast or an experienced trader, you’ll know that the crypto industry hardly makes the mainstream news unless there’s some extraordinary market shift. As such, an excellent way to stay up to date with the world of cryptocurrencies is through crypto podcasts. Besides Bitcoin and altcoins, the information is often concerned with the field of decentralized finance, with thought-provoking discussions on the blockchain past, present and future.

With the increased interest in digital coins, crypto podcasts are becoming more and more popular. The best thing is that they’re available on demand, and you can select topics that interest you. Our list of the best crypto podcasts includes those that cover basic knowledge for beginners and those that deliver heavier themes.

The Money Movement

Cryptocurrencies and the financial world are inherently intertwined. For many, these digital coins are the future of the financial industry, and The Money Movement is aimed at exploring and dissecting the issues and ideas driving the new world of cryptocurrency and digital money. The podcast covers a wide range of topics and features interviews with thought leaders and innovators in the blockchain space. It’s hosted by the CEO and co-founder of Circle, Jeremy Allaire.

The Money Movement is arguably the best crypto news podcast if you already have some idea of the industry and are looking for a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general. Allaire recently interviewed Dan Held, director of growth marketing at Kraken, in an insightful half-hour-long episode on how to build Bitcoin as sound money.


Laura Shin takes a deeper, more analytical look at the world of crypto in her hour-long weekly podcasts. Unchained is a great listen if you’re looking for general news about the industry, or what Shin describes as “no-hype” resources for all things crypto. Rather than giving personal reflections about the crypto space, she enlists the industry’s most interesting thinkers and doers in interviews, discussions and Q&As for a more wholesome and balanced view of the industry and what the future looks like with crypto assets.

Shin is an independent journalist, former senior editor at Forbes, and author of the newly released book The Cryptonians, a captivating story on the origins of Ethereum. She’s therefore a trusted source for cryptocurrency news.


Also hosted by Laura Shin, Unconfirmed is a much quicker way to stay updated with industry news. Each podcast is 20 minutes long and highlights the latest occurrences in the cryptosphere in the previous week. Shin keeps the content rich and balanced by featuring movers and shakers of the industry such as company directors, developers, reporters and other experts. You’ll get all of the latest news, and topics often include introductory content for beginners.

What Bitcoin Did

The name suggests that the focus of the podcast is on Bitcoin, and it is. However, cryptocurrency activity is often intertwined. So, Peter McCormack, the show’s host, regularly delves into other popular altcoins.

What Bitcoin Did is an excellent place for beginners to get useful insights into the world’s first digital currency and the general concept of blockchain technology. McCormack takes listeners on a journey through his podcasts as he himself was new to cryptos when he began.

He also addresses more complex topics, and you’ll get a broader perspective on matters thanks to opinions from industry pundits and Bitcoin critics. Episodes are between one and two hours long.

Cryptocurrency for Beginners

If you’re looking for the simplest introduction to the world of Bitcoin and altcoins, then this is an excellent podcast to start with. Cryptocurrency for Beginners is hosted by Casey Leigh Henry, who also pilots Crypto Casey, a popular YouTube channel targeted at industry-related news. Henry is an expert, delivering blockchain technology and processes in broken-down and easy-to-understand language. You’ll learn how Bitcoin works and get a fundamental understanding of altcoins to guide your investment objectives. Each podcast is quite short – between 10 and 40 minutes. So, it’s a binge-worthy choice.

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The Pomp Podcast

The Pomp Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts among crypto investors and entrepreneurs. The host, Anthony Pompliano, fondly called ‘Pomp’, is an avid Bitcoin enthusiast. However, his podcasts cover a much broader range that extends to all areas of the blockchain. General topics include ‘best practices for investing and avoiding scams’ and ‘what’s involved in building a fintech company?’ The content in this podcast will prove an interesting listen even for the less experienced lot.

Pompliano has invited billionaire crypto enthusiasts such as Mark Cuban and Chamath Palihapitiya, retired US Army general Tony Thomas, bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki and several prominent contributors in the industry. Every episode accords listeners roughly 30 minutes of hard-hitting crypto content and the latest news.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Unlike its name, this is a very useful resource for the latest happenings among digital tokens. This podcast dissects the world of cryptocurrencies with lots of humor and amusing banter. Hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright are technologists and crypto-enthusiasts looking to demystify the world of Bitcoin and altcoins. Their discussions expand into token generation events and ICOs, making the podcast a fantastic resource for cryptocurrency newbies. They produce two episodes a week of roughly one hour each.

Closing Remarks

The best crypto podcast shows aren’t always the lengthiest ones. With quick and snappy interviews, you can also get an insight into the fast-changing and constantly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. This list covers both extremes. From 20-minute-long episodes of Unconfirmed to several

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