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Dec 21, 2023

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What is the VIP opinion on Evoplay’s bitcoin slot game?

Released in April 2020, Animal Quest is a jungle-themed slot packed with untold treasures just waiting to be found. The story that forms the backdrop to Animal Quest sees you joining a band of roving adventurers as they scramble through a dense, green jungle searching for the lost city of Dinotitlan. This story sees a cast of colorful characters let loose on a jungle journey that will be sure to bring a smile to your face!

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But it isn’t just the cartoonish cast of characters that has helped this title from Evoplay remain so popular since it was first released; it also happens to have excellent gameplay! The action unfolds on a 5×4 grid, which gives you the chance to win on 40 different paylines. This is set against an RTP of around 96.11% and high-medium volatility.

If this sounds like it could be up your street, keep reading the rest of this review to see what else Animal Quest has to offer!

Animal Quest Features

In addition to the regular gameplay features we have come to expect from crypto games like this, Evoplay has by no means slacked when it comes to the features on offer. If you have ever played an Evoplay title before, you will know to have high expectations. But what are some of these unique features that have kept players coming back for more?

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Gold symbols will periodically appear during the gameplay. If you are fortunate enough to land a few of these in one go during the free spins, you will be able gain some great bonuses. This includes the opportunity to increase your winnings by a multiplier of 2x or 5x.

Free spins

As with many other slot games, Animal Quest periodically gives you the opportunity to win free spins. You can activate the free spins mode when scatter symbols or wild symbols appear on screen. If you get two scatters and one wild symbol in the same round, you can activate a 10 free spin bonus!

Lovable characters, excellent graphics

One of the most notable features about Animal Quest is how well thought out and executed the art direction is. The action centers around a cast of cartoonishly rendered animal characters. This includes the Turtle, Rhino, Opossum and Red Panda. Each of these characters will appear on the reels, which become particularly noticeable when they get transformed into big symbols!

If you have played any Evoplay titles in the past, you pretty much know what to expect when it comes to its new releases.

However, despite any similarities that might exist, Evoplay has done an excellent job of giving this classic slot format a unique spin. And in doing so, the developer has created one of the more memorable playing experiences out there.

The art design is perfectly executed, and it is clear that the design team went to great lengths to develop the personalities of the individual characters. The graphics are also rendered in gorgeous detail, looking like something out of a jungle-themed movie.

Looking beyond the graphics, however, Animal Quest also happens to play really well. While the high-medium volatility will not be to everyone’s taste, we personally thought it carried the gameplay well. The RTP is also slightly above average, which also helps to make the playing experience a more enjoyable one.


Overall, Animal Quest games is a solid choice for intermediate to advanced online slot fans and represents one of the best offerings in the Evoplay back catalog.

Animal Quest FAQs

Is Animal Quest easy to play?

Animal Quest is easy to pick up and play, regardless of whether you are a new player just getting started or a seasoned veteran with years of gameplay under your belt! It is structured around a fairly standard 5×4 slot layout, and there aren’t any game mechanics you won’t have run into before.

What are my chances of winning Animal Quest games?

Although you never truly know what your chances of winning are with a game of pure chance like Animal Quest, there are some indications of what kind of returns you might see. The RTP of Animal Quest runs at around 96.11%, which is just slightly above average for this type of game. However, it is a medium to high volatility game, which means that any gains you do see will likely be more random than usual.

What bonus features does Animal Quest have?

In addition to cracking graphics, Animal Quest is filled with added features that make it very exciting to play. This includes wild symbols, scatters and plenty of free spins!

Who designed Animal Quest?

Animal Quest is designed by Evoplay, a leading iGaming developer based in Ukraine. Evoplay is known for having some of the best art and sound direction in the industry, so you can always expect big things when a new title is released. To date, Evoplay has released well-over 100 game titles – which is pretty impressive for a relatively young development studio!

What is the maximum win you can make with Animal Quest?

The maximum win you can score with Animal Quest is 1,000x your original stake.

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