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Is the Book of Anubis worth a read?

He also guided royalty to the afterlife and would assist in the process of determining whether an individual had been a good person while on earth. As a symbol of transformation and journeys, Anubis is a very fitting character for a slot game. 

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Launched in 2015 by StakeLogic, Book of Anubis is one of the older slot games still on the market. Like many of the most popular games available, Book of Anubis has an Egyptian theme which imparts a sense of danger, adventure and the exotic. 

Crypto slot game fans are already likely very familiar with the sort of Egyptian themes available, and Book of Anubis is not terribly different in terms of its soundscape or visual aesthetics in comparison with other games on the market such as Book of Dead, Throne of Osiris and Ramses Revenge. 

While not too dissimilar from other Book of Ra style games, Book of Anubis does have a number of fun bonus features and options which help to set it apart from other online slot games in the genre.

How to play Book of Anubis

Book of Anubis slot has a multitude of features that are available to players. The symbols used include stylized letters, scarab beetles, hawks and other Egyptian iconography. 

How to play Book of Anubis at crypto casinos


The Book of Anubis serves as the wild and scatter symbol for the game. When the Ankh appears, the wild symbol begins to replace all the other symbols with the exception of the expanding symbol. 

In the game there are four symbols which are especially valuable, these are Anubis, the pharaoh, scarab and bird. As expected, Anubis has the highest value and landing five Anubis symbols will give the player 500x their original bet. The lower value symbols are the stylized letters, which will give players a win of 75x their original bet. 


If players are able to land three or more of the wild symbols, they will be able to win a scatter prize and they will also trigger the Free Spin bonus game. When the Free Spin bonus game is activated, the player receives 10 free spins. 

Before the Free Spin bonus game starts, one symbol on the reels will be chosen at random as the special expanding symbol. After that, if the player lands a winning combination using this expanding symbol, the symbol will grow and expand across the whole reel. 

Should the player be lucky enough to have the expanding symbol reach across the entire set, they will win the main prize, which is worth 5,000x the bet placed. However, the probability of hitting this type of bet is low because it is such a big win. The chance and risk involved and the big payouts for the lucky few are why some gamblers prefer to play high volatility games.


Our Book of Anubis review determined that the game is rated at 88% for its all-around solid gameplay, bonus options and features. The visuals and sound effects of the game are certainly nothing to write home about but, as it was launched in 2015, this is hardly to be expected at this point. However, it has been a popular title with players ever since its release. 

The high volatility of the game will certainly put off some players – and players who have never played slot games may prefer to try out games with lower volatilities first before playing Book of Dead Anubis. However, others will no doubt appreciate the excitement and fast-paced energy which accompanies its high volatility rate, lower RTP and range of bonuses.

Book of Anubis FAQ

Can you play Book of Anubis for free?

There are two different ways for players to enjoy Book of Anubis. It can be played for real money as a casino game, and it can also be played for free via the Book of Anubis demo version. Demo versions are great for players who want to try out a game without committing, but it should be kept in mind that any winnings from demo versions will not be paid out.

What is the RTP for Book of Anubis?

The RTP for Book of Anubis is 95.44%, which is slightly lower than most of the other Book of Ra genre slots currently on the market. That being said, it remains within the industry average for slot games. 

What is the volatility for the Book of Anubis slot game?

Book of Anubis is a high volatility game. Gamers who are new to slot games and who are not yet accustomed to playing high volatility games should probably avoid the Book of Anubis slot game and instead try low and medium volatility slots first.

Can you get Book of Anubis free spins?

It is possible for players to win free spins on Book of Anubis if they land three or more wild or scatter symbols. When this happens, the player will receive 10 free spins.

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