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Dec 15, 2023

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Adventure awaits with Dragon Hatch, but be careful where you step, as there is a sleeping Dragon Queen in your midst.

In Dragon Hatch players will be transported back in time to a cave where a Dragon Queen sleeps, surrounded by dragon eggs. Your aim is to hatch these dragon eggs without the Dragon Queen waking. The game’s objective is to hatch all of the eggs, which will awaken the Dragon Queen, where players can earn huge wins.

Overall rating

Dragon Hatch is a stunning free casino game that offers players the chance to earn incremental bonuses on their way to waking the Dragon Queen. The game has various levels, all of which have to be conquered to reach and wake up the Dragon Queen. First, a player needs to achieve 10 winning combinations to open the first egg, which is the Earth Dragon. Next, a player needs to achieve 30 winning combinations to open the Water Dragon’s second egg. The player then needs to achieve 50 combinations to open up the final egg, which is for the Fire Dragon. Once all of this has been achieved, players need a further 20 combinations to wake up the Queen Dragon and unlock big winnings. To achieve the highest level, players need to achieve multiple combinations. If the combination ends mid-streak, then the player will return to the start.

The Dragon Hatch game first hit casinos in December 2019 and is fully integrated for mobile use. The game is set out in a 5×5 reel, and the minimum and maximum total bets available in this slot are 0.20 and 200 credits per spin. You can adjust your bet by choosing a bet size of 0.02, 0.2 or 2.00 and a bet level between 1 and 10. Dragon Hatch free play is also possible if you play a demo version.


Cluster and cascading wins

To progress through the levels in Dragon Hatch, a player must achieve combinations via cluster wins. To achieve a cluster, four matching symbols must be touching. This can be achieved in various directions, including horizontal clusters, vertical clusters and clusters spread over different lines across the grid. 

When a player has achieved a winning combination, the previous winning symbols will be replaced by new symbols. This gives the player new opportunities to win more combinations. To reach the highest level of the game, players will need to achieve numerous cascading wins to keep working their way through the levels.


Throughout a player’s spins, wilds can be seen on the board. Wilds help with the completion of clusters and can take the form of any required symbols. 

Special features

Throughout a player’s spins, wilds can be seen on the board. Wilds help with the completion of clusters and can take the form of any required symbols. Dragon Hatch is a little limited in the number of special features that are present in the game. The key to this game is working your way through the levels, which unlock better returns for the player. 

Achieving ten combinations and unlocking the Earth Dragon removes all low-paying symbols from the board.

Achieving 30 combinations and unlocking the Water Dragon introduces four wild symbols onto the board, providing a better chance for customers to win. 

By achieving 50 combinations and unlocking the Fire Dragon, symbols are randomized among the board, leading to further combination wins. 

The final level requires 70 combinations, and this unlocks the Queen Dragon. She will breathe fire onto the board by unlocking the Queen Dragon, incinerating low-paying symbols for higher-value symbols or wilds.

The symbols rewards are as follows:

  • Green diamond = 300x
  • Blue club = 400x
  • Red heart = 500x
  • Yellow spade = 600x
  • Green earth dragon = 800x
  • Blue water dragon = 1.000x
  • Red fire dragon = 5,000x
  • Queen’s eye = 20,000x

Dragon Hatch Demo Rating

Dragon Hatch is a great game to play and is visually one of the most appealing due to its fantastic use of graphics. When the Queen Dragon is awoken, it is quite the sight!

Dragon Hatch’s lack of bonus features or spin activation games is an area where it falls. Even without a bonus feature, most games offer players the chance of free spins, but Dragon Hatch also doesn’t do this. It can be quite a limited game, and after a while, if a player can’t achieve enough multiple clusters to advance through the levels, it can be quite monotonous.

PG Soft offer a free demo game which means you can practice as much as you like, before signing up and playing the game for real cash prizes.

Dragon Hatch FAQs

What is the max win in the slot Dragon Hatch?

Bets can range from $0.20 to $200 per line.

How do you win Dragon Hatch?

You win when you have at least four different symbols touching each other as a part of a cluster. Once a winning cluster has been activated, these symbols will disappear, and new symbols will take their place. Players need to achieve enough winning clusters to advance through the levels.

Can I play Dragon Hatch on mobile phone?

Yes, the responsiveness of the game allows for it to be played on mobile phone.

Anastasia Shamko

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