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Dec 21, 2023

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Does this game have the charm of the Irish

Leprechaun Riches aims to bring the ‘luck of the Irish’ with this engaging and fun slot game. Building on a successful theme following the mass success of Rainbow Riches, Leprechaun Riches Casino encourages you to find your very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A fun and engaging user face awaits, and with graphics built for mobiles and tablets, you can take Leprechaun Riches with you wherever you go.

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Leprechaun Riches has become a staple game of any online casino and first came to our attention in 2019. Your very own Leprechaun will join you, needing your help in reclaiming some of his lost possessions. On the reels, you will see symbols of the Leprechaun’s pipe, hat, bread, and even beer, and if you can help match these symbols across the board, you will receive handsome rewards.

Leprechaun Riches slots isn’t just a standard slot game offering regular pay lines. Instead, every time you hit the shamrock – a very distinct Irish spin button – a random number of symbols will fill the reels, depending on what symbols appear. The order of these will determine how much you can win. The different ways you can win will vary with each spin, as the symbols will take different shapes and sizes from spin to spin. It means the number of symbols appearing on the reels will never be the same. The minimum amount of ways you can win per spin is 576, with the maximum being 46,565.

Leprechaun Riches background is classy and different, as it is set within a tree-trunk above a circular door which leads to the Leprechaun’s house.

Leprechaun’s Riches is played on a six reel by six-row layout, with the stakes ranging from 0.20p to £20 per spin.

Leprechaun Riches features


To win your very own pot of gold, Leprechaun Riches slot is all about maximizing the different amount of ways you can win. Leprechaun Riches offers simultaneous play, sometimes winning numerous amounts on just one spin. If a player can match symbols and achieve a payout – these winning symbols will disappear and be replaced with new ones. These new symbols will fill the spaces vacated by the previous winning ones and could offer the player more combinations, depending on the symbols they are.

Wilds on the way

The distinct feature of Leprechaun Riches is ‘Wilds on the Way.’ Wilds on the Way is a feature activated after a player has achieved a win of any kind. Before winning symbol replacement, the symbols might have a silver frame placed around them. If this happens, the symbol will randomly change into another one on the board. For example, the winning symbol might be a loaf of bread. If the silver frame appears, the bread might change to a pint of beer. New symbols will then replace the previous winning ones, and if more beer symbols appear, the player could be in for another payout. This sequence could repeat until the player fails to find a winning combination. If a player hits a winning combination on a ‘wild’ symbol and a silver frame surrounds it, the symbol will multiply into two or four new ones. It results in a bigger chance of winning when the new cascading symbols appear.

Free spins

Leprechaun Riches doesn’t offer any bonus or spin activation games but does offer the player the opportunity of free spins. Four ‘scatter’ symbols must be present at the end of a spin to activate free spins. If activated, the player will receive fifteen free spins before returning to the main game.

Leprechaun Rainbow Riches is a fun game and is perfect for experienced slot players or those new to crypto slot games. The game’s friendly interface and relative simplicity make it easy to follow and understand. The ‘ways’ feature allows numerous ways for the player to win, and with the potential winning combinations running into the tens of thousands, it’s a game that offers good value per spin. 

The friendly interface and Irish music accompanying the game don’t get tiring. Effective on mobile, tablets, and traditional desktop layouts, everybody can play the game, no matter their preferred method. That option is for those wanting to trial the game before diving into the real thing.


Despite the different ways customers can activate, it seems a shame that no bonus or spin activation game is offered. The ‘free spins’ is a feature in its favor, but it’s a hard one to activate, so most of the time, the player will be left playing the main game. After a while, the lack of options available to the player can make the game become a little monotonous.

Leprechaun Riches FAQ

What is the maximum stake that can be wagered? 

Bets can range from 0.20 to 20.

How do you win? 

By combining symbols from left to right on the 6 x 6 layout. Depending on the number of symbols, previous winning ones are replaced with new ones, allowing players to win multiple times within one spin.

Is there a bonus game? 

There isn’t a bonus game, but a player can activate fifteen free spins if they achieve a combination of four ‘scatter’ symbols.

Anastasia Shamko

Our free slot game completist


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