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Dec 19, 2023

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Did we fall under Witches Wild Brew’s spell?

Launched just in time for Halloween in 2019, Witches Wild Brew features impressively haunting graphics that manage to look high quality as well as unique. This makes the game a good fit even for players who typically stay away from “scary” slots. The slot’s background is suitably creepy, with clusters of trees set against an eerie green sky, but the grid itself steals the show.

Overall rating

Witches Wild Brew’s 5×4 grid is interesting to look at even before getting into its symbols. The slot’s grid is made of latticed wood and is surprisingly elegant, while the symbols within it are intricately designed. A variety of witches grace the grid, ranging from elder fortune tellers complete with misshapen features and skull earrings to a young blonde witch with piercing eyes and perfectly coiffed hair. The rest of the bonus symbols are equally appealing, with smoking cauldrons and creepy crows setting the ambience perfectly.

Fans of theme-appropriate soundtracks will appreciate the dissonant tune playing in the background of Witches Wild Brew. The tune is faint enough to be pleasant rather than grating, but its creepy-music-box quality does quite a bit to draw players into the plot. Even better than the music, however, is the slot’s sound effect for the reels as they grind to a halt: the sound of knocking, which is realistic enough to get the heart racing.

Witches Wild Brew is a 25-payline slot. Players interested in mobile gaming will be pleased to learn that the game is also designed with mobile devices in mind, which makes playing on a variety of platforms and screens seamless. Players can bet between 0.25 and 250 per spin.

Witches Wild Brew Features

Witches Wild Brew Slot Review

What fun is playing a slot with subpar bonus features? Luckily, Witches Wild Brew has more than just thrills and chills on its side! Even the free demo slot is a fully featured title with plenty to offer at any time of the year. Players can enjoy a host of bonus features such as free spins, a bonus game, a jackpot and bursting wilds.

Bursting wilds

Witches Wild Brew features wild symbols with a twist. Landing a raven symbol on any reel initiates the “bursting wilds” feature. This sees the raven turn itself as well as up to eight additional symbols into wild symbols. The raven symbol can also potentially award players with a 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier. Beyond the bursting wilds mechanic, raven symbols are worth up to 20x when five or more hit the reels.

Witches Wild Brew Slot Review

“Pick a raven” bonus game

Some slots only offer bonuses during their bonus rounds (such as free spins rounds). Witches Wild Brew eschews this trend with a “pick a raven” bonus game, which can trigger randomly in the base game on any spin. When three ravens land on the screen, pick one of them for the chance to redeem multipliers from 3x to 20x.

Free spins round

Witches Wild Brew offers players an exciting free spins mechanic that can award up to 25 free spins. The round is triggered by landing three, four or five scatter symbols (featuring a spooky smoking cauldron) on the reels at any one time. The free spins amount is determined by the number of scatters on the reels when the round is triggered:

  • Three scatters: 15 free spins
  • Four scatters: 20 free spins
  • Five scatters: 25 free spins + jackpot

Landing the scatter symbol during the free spins bonus round can award one or two additional free spins.

Witches Wild Brew slot demo - play for free


As if the bonus game and free spins round weren’t enough, Witches Wild Brew also features a progressive jackpot! Players can win 1,500x their bet when they land five scatters on the reels.


Witches Wild Brew is an excellent game. From abundant bonus features to impressive graphic design, the slot really draws players into the gameplay. Its visuals are some of its most impressive assets, in fact, and together with the sound design, they add a lot to the experience.

Players interested in spending a significant amount of money per spin will appreciate Witches Wild Brew’s maximum of 250 per round. While the game does not offer low bets of 0.01 per spin, its minimum of 0.25 is worthwhile, too, even for players who like to stretch their budget as far as possible.

Witches Wild Brew’s bonus features are where the game truly shines. The combination of a jackpot, a free spins round and a bonus game is incredibly appealing, which makes every spin a potential goldmine. There is always some slight room for improvement, however, and we don’t know that the game is perfect, which is the only reason it didn’t earn top marks.

Witches Wild Brew FAQ

Who released Witches Wild Brew?

Witches Wild Brew was released in 2019 by game developer Booming Games.

What bonus features does Witches Wild Brew have?

Witches Wild Brew offers players multiple bonus features such as a bonus game, a free spins round, a “bursting wilds” bonus and a variety of multipliers.

How do I win Witches Wild Brew?

Winning Witches Wild Brew is straightforward although not necessarily easy. All you have to do is spin the reels until you win! Landing enough scatter symbols can trigger the free spins round and even potentially trigger the game’s jackpot.

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