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Dec 15, 2023

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Evolution is a celebrated developer especially known for its live casino titles. Crazy Time is one of its most popular releases. The game is built on another successful Evolution title, Dream Catcher, but it is far more than just a copy. Crazy Time consists of a main wheel spin and four bonus rounds that are triggered at random, each of which carries its own prizes and gameplay.

Fans of live casino gameshows will be especially pleased with the game’s multiplayer aspects and 24-hour play. Before you decide to jump into the title, however, there are a few things you should know about how its statistics work. Are Crazy Time statistics worth the time? Let’s take a closer look at Crazy Time live stats and why you may or may not want to keep them in mind when you play.


Crazy Time stats are compiled by taking information regarding past spins and using it to discern gameplay trends. One popular statistic used is the number of spins between big wins or bonus game triggers. Some players believe that this information gives them insight into when and how they should bet in order to maximize their budget and give them the best possible chance to win.

Other Crazy Time live stats include a chronological list of past spin results, read from the top (newest) to the bottom (oldest).


If the idea of compiling piles of information about Crazy Time wins and bonus game triggers sounds like too much work, the good news is that you don’t have to. In addition to online trackers that aggregate the information on your behalf, players can access certain stats directly from the game’s UI. The results from the previous 21 spins are listed directly on the user interface itself, making it easy to form a judgement about betting or not.

Another way Crazy Time makes stat tracking easy is its central stream. The gameshow is not hosted independently in different regions and time zones around the world. Instead of accessing the game from a domestic dealer, in other words, Crazy Time is streamed round-the-clock from a single location. This means that regardless of where you are playing or through which online operator you are playing, you will see the same results as everyone.

Are these stats worth the time to compile and study them? As it turns out, maybe not – but it really depends upon why you’re using them in the first place.


Some players believe that following Crazy Time live stats will help them win because they track how long it has been between wins. This belief is more often known as the “Gambler’s Fallacy”, and it describes the common belief that as time passes between big wins, the big win is increasingly likely to happen. Similarly, if players are interested in looking at the likelihood of a bonus game being triggered, the amount of time passed between bonus games might guide their choice to bet. If you see that in the past, wins have happened every four wins but 12 have gone by since the last one, you might believe that a win is surely around the corner. And if you see that a particular bonus game is often triggered every 20 spins but 50 have gone by, you might believe that it will be the next game to trigger.

While the Gambler’s Fallacy makes sense, it is not accurate. The truth is that there is no mechanism which keeps wins on a certain schedule. The wheel has no way of knowing when the last big win was had, for example, so every spin has just as much chance of winning as any other. Following results trackers or looking at past results while in-game might seem like it is giving players an edge over the competition, but this just isn’t the case.


When you look at Crazy Time stats, Crazy Time probability is likely on your mind. You might look into a dedicated tracker that tracks past wins as well as the average spins between wins and triggers. A results tracker takes more than the previous 20 spins in mind, which makes it ideal for players looking for long-term trends. If you don’t understand how to read these results, however, you might end up betting before you wanted to.

Trackers tend to list a percentage as well as the current number of spins between rounds and the average number of spins between either bonus game triggers or wins. To some players, the percentage might seem like it is giving them the likelihood of either the bonus game being triggered or a big prize dropping, respectively, but that is not the case. The probability of a bonus round being triggered is fixed regardless of how long it has been since it was last activated:

  • Crazy Time: Triggered every 54 spins on average / 1.85% likely each spin
  • Pachinko: Triggered every 27 spins on average / 3.70% likely each spin
  • Cash Hunt: Triggered every 27 spins on average / 3.70% likely each spin
  • Coin Flip: Triggered every 13 to 14 spins on average / 7.40% likely each spin

These probabilities are the same whether Crazy Time has triggered recently or hasn’t triggered in 500 spins, too.


Crazy Time stats will likely not help you win. What they will do, however, is give you an idea of what to expect when you play. While shorter-term gameplay can be more volatile than the stats indicate, over the long term, the game statistics are likely accurate.

With huge jackpots such as the $2 million won in January 2022, it is understandable to want to maximize your chances of winning big. Counting the average number of spins between wins will not help you in the short term, however, nor will counting the average number of spins between bonus games being triggered. The best option is to play responsibly with your budget and accept that the results might not follow the probabilities listed on tracked results websites at all.

Karen Banes

Our crypto evangelist


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