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Dec 15, 2023

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Crazy Time is a live gameshow from celebrated game developers Evolution. The game features a total of four bonus games, all of which can bring players big wins, as well as multiplayer functionality that allows people from all over the world to play at the same time. Given the popularity of the game and the big wins players have achieved over the years, it is not surprising that people are interested in maximizing their chances. Crazy Time trackers are often heavily used by players hoping to glean some insight from past wins or past bonus game triggers, but do they really help?

Let’s take a closer look at the world of Crazy Time trackers, how they work and whether they really improve your chances of winning big.


Before we dive into popular trackers, it is a good idea to understand the four possible bonus games that can be triggered while playing, and understand a bit of the science behind any strong Crazy Time strategy.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is one of the more lucrative of Crazy Time’s bonus games. The game consists of a massive grid with 108 possible multiplier prizes. The host then scrambles the possible wins and hides them under random icons. Players must then “hunt” for the wins by shooting an icon with a mouse. Players will each receive a unique win depending upon which icon they select, ensuring that the game remains competitive and rewarding.


Pachinko consists of a purple screen with a list of prizes at the bottom. Between the top of the game and the possible prizes, a set of reels guides the ball to the bottom. Your prize will depend upon the ball’s final placement. It is possible to collect multiple doubles, which drives wins higher.

Coin Flip

As the name implies, flipping coins is the name of the game in this bonus round. Two coins flip on screen, one red and one blue, eventually stopping and revealing two differing multipliers. Once the multipliers have been revealed, a third coin moves across the screen and strikes either the red coin or the blue. The coin hit determines how much players win.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an extra special bonus game complete with colorful graphics and a big wheel. To play the game, simply pick a flapper and then wait as the wheel is spun. The wheel contains a number of different multipliers, and your prize depends on where your flapper lands. The RTP of Crazy Time is 95.5%.


Tracksino is one of the most popular trackers. It tracks Crazy Time stats, RTP, and game results in real-time. Its statistics include spin history, recent top multipliers, and wheel results, in addition to fun extras such as big win videos and even a live stream of the game.

Players can use Tracksino in a few different ways. Some might be interested in learning about what the game has done in the past in order to guide their future plays. They might find the game results and RTP to be particularly helpful as they plan their betting strategy. Other players might simply want to get a feel for how the game pays out overall. And still others might want to take advantage of the website’s bonus videos and livestream.

Note that while Tracksino offers free statistics, it does lock results older than one month behind a paywall.


iGaming’s Crazy Time tracker looks at the player count. It tracks the number of users by hour and day, allowing players to track the best and worst times to play. This allows you to decide if you want to play during a peak time such as Friday evenings or would prefer to opt for a less-busy time such as Sundays or Saturdays. iGaming’s tracker also allows players to decide what time of the month they would like to play, the very beginning and very end being the busiest times.

iGaming’s Crazy Time tracker is free to use, and there do not appear to be any stats locked behind paywalls.


Game Show’s Crazy Time tracker tracks the biggest recent multipliers from the game’s bonus games. It follows Crazy Time results from the past 30 days only, but it has separate tables for each bonus game and includes the date the multiplier was won, the multiplier in question, and how many players won.

Game Show tracker is a good choice for players interested in what big wins from each bonus game look like. This can help them decide what bonus game they want to save their funds for as well as how many people have won in the past.


All of the trackers above are similar and different in certain ways. Tracksino’s tracker is a good choice for players interested in a well-rounded tool with plenty of information. Game Show tracker is similar in that it tracks a number of variables, but it follows impressive multiplier wins rather than more technical information such as the game’s long-term RTP.

iGaming tracker is quite a bit different from either of the first two tools. It also follows Crazy Time stats, but it does not focus on the game itself at all. Instead, it looks at the players. The tracker records how many players are playing at any time and translates those numbers into averages by hour, by day and by month.

Are you interested in playing Crazy Time? Make sure to play responsibly, and maybe give trackers a try! While they might not boost your chances of winning dramatically, they can give you the information you need to find the right time to play as well as the most lucrative bonus game.                            

Anne Ifeanyi

Our resident slots expert


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